size 8 to size 14...sigh

Ok I was reading all your posts about what you consider tiny and obese ect and was getting REALLY confused because I would consider a size 8 really really really small...
Originally Posted by kat180
When I read your other posts, I wondered if that's what was going on.

US sizes = UK size - 4.
A US size 8 is a UK size 12.

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It also depends on how you carry your weight, too. On some women, extra fat seems to translate into more curves and a more shapely figure so that size ___ on them doesn't look bad at all. Or they may gain weight more proportionately all around so that even if they don't have "curves" per se, the extra weight doesn't look bad. Extra weight on me makes me look pregnant and a little bit dumpy because I gain most of my weight in my stomach and thighs. So even at the same height, a size 8 or whatever on me and the woman in my example would look very different.

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i guess there is nothing more to say. you all have pretty much covered it all!
thank you for the advice!
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Ok I was reading all your posts about what you consider tiny and obese ect and was getting REALLY confused because I would consider a size 8 really really really small. I dont see many size 8 people. Then I remembered that the sizes are different where you to the uk so perhaps thats why- does anyone know what your size 8 would be in the uk? And the various other sizes?
Originally Posted by kat180

US 8 = UK 12

US 10 = UK 14

US 12 = UK 16

US 14 = UK 18

cool size converter
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This is me. I know it's not a very good picture to show you my size, but it's the only one that I have on my desktop that shows my entire body. You can see my body outline from my husband's if you look close enough.

This is me at 5' 1.5", 130 lbs., and a size 8.
Originally Posted by FieryCurls
OK, in all honesty, and it's hard to tell with the baggy clothes, but I think you look great and healthy, but more normal and average than tiny as *I* define tiny. You're not Sarah Jessica Parker tiny, in other words, but you do look good. I hope this doesn't offend you - it's not like I am currently tiny, and like I said, you look great, especially for 3 months post baby!
Originally Posted by Amneris
Once again, agreed!
"Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people."

"I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then we live with that decision."
- Eleanor Roosevelt (both quotes)

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i don't think one should just let themselves go ...
Originally Posted by frau
yeah, that's what fat people do... we just let ourselves go... uh huh...
Originally Posted by rouquinne

Some do. If you are not in that group and are fat-and-healthy and proud of how you look and feel and your health, then there is no need to pick at the concept (a true concept) that SOME fat or obese people have let themselves go. In other words, the statement is only about you if you make it about you.

Same principle applies to other posters on this thread, most of us since this topic seems to strike a major chord repeatedly around here.
"Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people."

"I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then we live with that decision."
- Eleanor Roosevelt (both quotes)

(taking a break from posting starting late august 2009)
I am currently quite thin, but I have had my share of body image issues.

My parents started on me about my weight when I was VERY young. I was put on fad diets (this one... when I was TWELVE. When it made me feel sick on the second day, my dad expressed how disappointed he was in me

On the night of my first big dance, my mom commented that I looked like a fullback because my arms were so fat.

Once my mom's boss commented that I was pretty (I was 13) and my mom said, "But what about the SIZE of her?????"

Her boss said, very confused, "She's not big..." and my mom went, "Well, she didn't take after ME, that's for certain..."

She CONSTANTLY made comments like that...people would say I was cute or comment that I looked just like her, and she'd find a way to compare her very thin body to my huge one.

She would also comment on my legs. I used to be a gymnast, and my legs are short and very muscular. My mom has always been obsessed with her own legs, and would comment that I didn't inherit HER legs and say that I should find exercises to do that would make them thinner. (They were muscular. Not fat. They WERE that way because I DID/DO exercise.)

When I was 14, I decided just to stop eating. I lost about twenty pounds in one summer. My parents just thought it was great...they didn't notice that their kid wasn't eating and that a healthy 14-year-old could just drop that much weight in one summer. (Also, I'm only 5'0. Twenty pounds is a limb!)


I WAS NEVER FAT. I look at old pictures of myself, and, sure, I had some baby fat, but had my parents just left me alone I would have outgrown it naturally. Instead, they started a cycle of me absolutely obsessing about my weight.

I have a friend who is close to 300lbs. I have wondered what would my parents be like if they had a daughter that really DID have a weight problem, and how tortured that girl would have felt by them.

I am 26, and and like to think I am pretty healthy now...but, wow, it doesn't take much to bring back memories of my "fullback" days.

My mom is still very thin, and she'll say things like, "I am getting SO this rate, I'll be a size 4 soon..."

As an adult, I can recognize how insane all of it was, but as a kid? It absolutely sucked. Those things really stuck with me.
NetG, I love the color of that dress!
Originally Posted by utopiastars
Hee. It's PRETTY. My friend Angela had good taste in colors for her wedding! I bought it more than a year ahead of time, while I was shopping for a bridesmaid dress for a different wedding. I figured, hey, may as well get a dress which fits... even though now I'm going to have to get it taken in!

(Also, I'm only 5'0. Twenty pounds is a limb!)
Originally Posted by CanItBeChristine
I can't help it. I laughed!
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
fierycurls, you do look small, and I say that in a nice way.

Hell, so many people are so dysmorphic that they feel that anyone at who is a 6 or higher is average or big. Times like these are one where I miss living in Europe. They weren't so weight freaky over there.

RCW, I don't think 5 flights of stairs is too extreme. Even at my age and size, I can do that without a problem.

Frau, there is nothing inherently wrong with being a size 14. From what you say, she is active and healthy. If you were my Mom, and you got on my case, I'd probably just get bigger. No one wants to be crapped on by their Mom. Just try to love her as she is.
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Thanks for the compliments, everyone. I added 3 more pics to the album. The last pic was taken the day that I turned 36 weeks pregnant and my kid was born 5 days later.
i know her body size because we shop together because i buy her clothes. in the past when i saw her getting to 12 i would comment. now i don't comment.
i guess i'm just not used to any of this. no one in my family has weight issues, not even my grandparents. everyone stayed the same size until they got old. so for me it's unusual. it seems that people kept their weight in check. why is it so wrong to be aware of your weight and want to keep it within a certain range? i don't think one should just let themselves go and because i'm her mother i should just be like, "oh it's okay honey no matter what you do."
if she started smoking or drinking i wouldn't be quiet about it. why is this different? (<just for argument sake)
Originally Posted by frau
I agree with you, but some people are more sensitive and you have to address it differently then you would youself maybe. My mom would always comment when I gained weight or when I was too skinny. I was always aware when I gained weight and my parents mentioning it was just another motivating factor to lose weight. But when they would say the same things to my brother, he would get really upset and who knows how it affected him. I would be pissed off if I started getting fat and kept getting fat and my parents didnt say a word and thought it was all good. 8 to 14 is a lot and seems unhealty. I went from an 8 to 10 and 12 for a short time and that was a big deal to me and my parents. I understand you're trying to be senstive but I would try to do something about it so she'll lose it (or at least stop gaining) unless she really is happier with her size now (which I doubt).

Okay..I just read that you said she's active and healthy but I would still be concerned at that much of a weight gain.

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Frau, you are a normal concerned parent.

I know it's hard, but sometimes people don't notice things from the inside that others (such as parents do).

Going to college can be a stressful transition, (I'm a vegetarian and lost weight when I first went away to school because they didn't have any foods without dairy for some reason (the school dietician actually had to introduce a vegan menu), so I actually got sick in the first semester....

Now, although I agree with everyone else that you shouldn't approach your daughter with letting her know you don't like her weight gain because I assure you, she prob. also does not like it, and is even more so upset about it...

But maybe just hasn't figured out how to incorporate the healthy habits she had at home into her busy school schedule and it's more difficult since she only has her teen friends to help who may also be having the same trouble.

If they have a gym on campus or a private gym nearby, maybe you could gift her a gym membership and that might help and if she has severe time issues, she can work out early in the Am before class or later in the evening after class and it may take a little time, but she'll get things in order to her satisfaction in 6-12 months or so.

But a healthy diet/eating lifestyle is half the battle and students at that stage are usually notorious munchers (in lectures and between classes), but maybe if she tried chewing gum or nibbling on baby carrots and cucumbers (and yoga to de-stress) might help a lot.

It's probably very upsetting for her right now, so be very careful when talking to her about it. And if she seems annoyed or stressed, just change the subject until she's ready.

Good luck!
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So many people are assuming that she gained the weight quickly and suddenly, but I don't see where Frau said that. She could have gained the weight over years, so the "alarm" argument could be irrelevant. If she was a size 8 at 15 and now is a size 14 at 22 (or whatever her age is--as an adult), I don't think that's necessarily cause for alarm or that she needs to hie to a doctor.

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