Night sweats + low carb diet

I started the South Beach Diet on Tuesday. I have woken up each night since then drenched in sweat and feeling very hot. I've been feeling fine during the day. Anyway, I'm wondering if there's a connection or if it's a coincidence.
Many years ago, my husband and I started the Protein Power diet and experienced the same kind of feeling, especially at night. We used to joke that the "fat-burning furnace" was kicking in. I do remember it subsiding as we moved out of the initial stage of the diet though.

I think it's perfectly normal, but hopefully someone else will chime in. Good luck!
Thanks! That makes me feel better. I had the same thought about the "fat burning furnace" thing. I know that people with high metabolisms are often really hot, so maybe this is my metabolism increasing. In any case, I've lost 3 pounds since Tuesday!?! Which is crazy because it took me about two months to lose the last 3 pounds!
are you peeing lots during the day, thirsty, but can't seem to get enough water?

You might be low on sodium, especially if you're having trouble with general heat intolerance.

Try adding 1/4 tsp of UNREFINED sea salt (like celtic) to a big glass of water and see if it helps.

I used to have tons of trouble with that, til I figured that out. If you sweat too much for your activity level, that's another sign of low is getting dizzy if you stand up too quickly-
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Thanks, MaybeWavy. I think my sodium is fine because I'm not having any other issues except for the night sweats, but I will make sure to keep that in mind in case I start feeling different. I generally drink a lot of water and don't eat a lot of sodium, so that could be a problem in the future.
I eat low carb often, and I actually feel better...less puffy, fewer night sweats...when I eat low carb than when I eat moderate or high carb.
I definitely felt weird during Phase 1. Kind of like I was detoxing - light headed and hot.

You'll feel back to normal by the time the 2 weeks are done. Hang in there, its worth it!

That is mostly linked to the fact that sometimes when your body has no carbs to turn to at night to help with repairs, it will sometimes turn to what is in the muscle. This can cause excess sweating.
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I've been low carb for 9 years and don't remember that happening due to my diet. I've had night sweats before, but I think that's due to hormones and age.
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I get like that when my blood sugar falls too low.

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