Keira's pretty dress - Duchess premiere

I love the whole outfit- the dress is so cute and fun and the style suits her figure perfectly. I think if you took the tulle away the dress would be very dull and boring! And I actually really like the ribbon!

In general Id say she's a little too thin but she never looks unhealthy, quite the opposite, so she should just rock the tiny figure she has!
Not digging the dress at all. They should have stuck with top or bottom.

I have never liked her figure, as I think she is a bit unhealthy looking.
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Hate the dress, love the shoes.
Originally Posted by rileyb
That's exactly what I thought too when I saw it. The only thing I think would really bug me about the dress is the tulle junk around the top. It looks like it would be poking and bugging me, making my skin itch or something.

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