Husband Coming Home! Yay!!

My husband is coming home in 14 days for leave! This is our second deployment. Also I just found out today that his 15month tour has been cut down to 12months! WOOO HOOO!! Just thought I would let everyone here in on my happies!!! lol have a good night everyone!! jen -proud army wife!
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That's awesome news! SO happy for you.

Enjoy the time together! (As if I even need to say that!)
Congrats on his homecoming!!!
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Good for you guys!! My SIL and her hubby are stationed in Germany right now and maybe 3 months after moving there he was sent to Iraq for 15 months. We're so proud of both of them and he comes home (well home to Germany) in November and I know how excited she is so I'm happy for you as well! Thanks to all the Armed Forces!!
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I'm very happy for you and your DH. Give him a big hug of thanks for all he does!
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Congrats! Enjoy every moment of it! Leave goes by so fast!
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That's wonderful!

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That is great, I hope you have a good time with him.
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I'm so glad for you! When our friend Carl came home we were so happy and relieved. I can't even imagine how happy you must be.
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