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Anyone use a cleaning service? The house is empty so it just needs bathroom/kitchen and maybe window cleaning...about how much would that run me?

(I looked online but they will all 'contact me for an estimate')
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I have used services in the past, but I currently have a private woman who cleans for me. My house is about 2800 square feet with 4 br and 2.5 baths, family room, living room and kitchen. I pay her $100, and she is well worth it. She is very thorough. I have paid as little as 85 and as much as 125.
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I have used a cleaning service (I am not sure if I can name names but it is a big one), and I also used a private house cleaner.

The big name house cleaners did a decent job-nothing that I couldn't have done on my own, and I was charged $150.

The private cleaner I got to clean my kitchen/bathroom/bedroom and then she did windows, carpets etc. On her own, she charged me $55 and it was a better job than the big name cleaner and a much better job than I ever would have done (we had it done because we were moving).

I guess it all depends on how much you trust a private person to come in and clean, as opposed to a cleaning company. I would have the private person come and clean my place again any day.

Sorry for the long post.
I use one 2x a week $80 per visit for 1,000 sq ft home.

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