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Temperature is 16. Dewpoint is 13 and it's so foggy I can barely see across the street. We're supposed to get one side of Hannah later today/tonight with the main swath about 3 hours east of me.

So crap, crap and more crap here too.

ETA: Oops that's celsisus for temperatures. So that's around 60 and 55.
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lol, well it's definitely not crisp here...

9:45 in the morning and its 77 degrees, 70% humidity and the dew point's 65. The high today's around 91, which is infinitely better than the 100 degree marks we were getting before Gustav went through to the east of us and brought some nice, cool air.

September's 'supposed' to be cool... but i tell you what, in Texas, you never know what you're going to get. Snow in April, or 90 degrees in the December... it's anyone's guess.
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It is nice and clear today. We have been having terrible rain and wind due to the recent hurricanes.

It's very rare to have the humidity below 70%.

82 F / 28 C
Scattered Clouds
Humidity:79%Dew Point:75 F / 24 C Pressure:29.93 in / 1013 hPa (Steady) Heat Index:90 F / 32 C
It's still summer in San Antonio, and will be for another month or six weeks (or longer).

The highs have been in the low to mid-90s, which has been a nice break from the 98-100 we'd been having.

And the lows have been fabulous - down into the 70s at night!

Am very much looking forward to what passes for winter down here.

Rock on with your bad self.


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sunny and 70
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We've had everything this week. Started out unbearably hot and muggy, then we had two days of endless steady rain, then yesterday a lovely, almost-crisp sunny day.
Today, it's cool and cloudy.

I LOVE the cool!
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1:30pm EST

Hannah is dumping pretty steady rain on my area right now...... doing so since about 10am. a bit of wind but not anything to worry about (so buying all of those flashlights probably wasn't necessary.. oh well

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It's hot. I don't really know the temp, but I do know it's hot. Very, very hot. I hope I don't melt.
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I'm in northern Virginia. Hurricane Hanna is moving through our area. The steady rain began late last night and continues today. The winds started gusting a few hours ago and flash-flood warnings are posted. Everything should calm down later this evening though.
In SE Pennsylvania...getting lots-o-rain, not much wind though, so I guess we're not getting much of the hurricaine. I really should check the official weather just in case though. It's around 70 degrees...quite comfy. I love a dark, cool, rainy afternoon.
I'm not sure why, but Meryn's response made me laugh! Which volcano?

I think it'll only be high 90's today. Mid-September is when the weather usually gets and stays gorgeous for 9 months. It was supposed to get into the 60's last night, so I slept with my windows open. Once it starts cooling that much at night, days in the 70's and 80's are near.
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Pouring. Hanna just caught up with us. No barbecueing tonight.
Indeed, Hanna is coming through and dumping a bunch of rain on us here (Baltimore area). Not too much wind, though, which is nice, and we hadn't gotten much decent rain in a while, so it's kinda nice. Plus I can sit on the couch, watch Buffy DVDs and cruise the internet all day and no one will say boo about it.
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It's 79, just starting to get sunny out. It's been overcast the whole day, but hasn't rained. I hate that - it drives my sinuses bananas! It's been really hot, around 95 the past several days, but dropped in temp. abruptly yesterday and started raining. I had the worst sinus headache ever. Is anyone else's sinuses acting up really bad lately?
I'm not sure why, but Meryn's response made me laugh! Which volcano?
Originally Posted by NetG
I live on the side of Mauna Loa. But it's Kilauea that's erupting on the other side of the island. Vog (volcanic smog) wraps around pretty much daily.

Nice mornings and overcast afternoons. Every.Dang.Day.
Overcast from the fringes of Hanna, but not hot. A little sticky.

Meryn, how often does Kilauea erupt/spew?

NetG, I had to laugh at "only" high 90's. That seems sooooo hot to me.
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Hot, humid, sunny. Hot. Sticky. Have I mentioned it's ungodly hot?
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NetG, I had to laugh at "only" high 90's. That seems sooooo hot to me.
Originally Posted by redcelticcurls
Mid-June to Mid-September, temperatures are high, and we often see temps above 100. It actually *is* 100 now. But it was in the 60's last night, and overall is cooling to very nice temps.

It's also dry in Tucson. I am more comfortable in 105 in Tucson than 80 and super humid in New Hampshire!
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!

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