Not again. Please-not again

while catholicism makes no sense to me, I agree with you..I'd be furious. people are entitled to their beliefs whatever they are. just tell him "I don't mix work and religion."
So by that same logic, a baptist pastors on medicaid is a horrible thing as well, I suppose. Or maybe just priests? Whatever.

Christian attitude there (I know that Universalists have a similar thought, just not sure what to call it....not very familiar with that...)

It must be a diocesan thing, because we don't have them here.

I just find it interesting that whats ok for some isn't ok for others, just because they're connected to the church...
Originally Posted by MaybeWavy

Yup...pretty much any religion that is exempt from paying taxes and then collects gov't welfare would be the same in my mind...evil and crooked.

I think the RC's are a bit different than most mainstream religions though, because RC nuns and priests don't pay personal taxes like many religious leaders do...they get away with that because the RC church doesn't pay them a salary, and they aren't allowed to "own" anything. The RC church is supposed to provide for them for life...but they obviously don't, since once they hit the nursing home stage, they go on Medicaid.
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves
While churches themselves don't pay taxes, you are incorrect when you say that priests and nuns don't pay taxes. They most definitely do get salaries and they pay taxes (both federal and state, if applicable) on both their salaries and room and board. The IRS has a formula for them to calculate how much said room and board is worth. I know this for a fact since my best friend and former roommate is an ex-priest. I'm not sure where you got your information about this, unless you just assumed they wouldn't pay taxes.

I cannot speak to what you're saying about nuns in nursing homes, except to say that this is not what happened to the ones I know personally. Their care was paid for by the church in that their diocese was self insured and their healthcare was paid for by the diocese.
Originally Posted by mrspoppers

That's a priest, not a nun. Nuns have always been the RC church (as all women are treated less by the RC curch), and they usually live communally and have taken vows of poverty, whereas priests have private residences and can earn money separately...even moonlighting at other jobs...they have privileges that nuns do not have. There are some priests who have the same deal as nuns...the vow of poverty thing. The diosese community priests may get a salary, but they don't all get salaries.

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