Pain in lower left side

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A couple nights ago, I got a sharp pain in my lower left side, almost out on my hip. It was like really a bad cramp, a tightness. It was pretty painful, not excruciating, but it made me wince. Lasted a couple of minutes. I think it's my ovary, but not sure. I'm used to getting ovarian pains about halfway through my cycle, but I just ended my period so I think it's too soon for that. I haven't had pains again since, but I'm worried about it because I often take tylenol on an empty stomach and fear I may irritate something. I actually had some slight tinges in the same area today, but nothing major.

I take a small amount (less than a 1/4 tablet) of tylenol at night and if I wake up in the middle of the night. Ragweed and whatever crap causes allergies is really bad around here at this time. I don't have allergies but have gotten internal and external itching all over lately that I only notice at night (since I'm a light sleeper). The tylenol really helps and I find I can't sleep w/o it. It's probably not good to take it over time but I take a very small amount. I admit I'm not good about eating with it because in the middle of the night, it keeps me awake. I wouldn't think this would be the cause of the pain esp. since it's been a few days and I haven't had anymore pain. I also think it's my ovary (I wouldn't think Tylenol would bug that), but not sure. I've been having a lot of new PMS symptoms in my mid 20's so I suppose it could be something normal that is menstrual related that I've just not experienced before. I'd like to know if anyone has had this kind of pain before and if it would be worth mentioning to my gyno (I'm due for a PAP smear). Also wanted to note that it felt similar to a cramp you get when overdoing exercise, but stronger. I haven't been getting much exercise lately so I don't think it's related to that.
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Mmm, could be ovarian pain. Left side, could even be gas -- I once had pain so bad it sent me to the ER and it turned out to be gas.

Appendix pain is typically on the right side.
I just had a ruptured ovarian cyst, which presented as a pain in my left side.
Your ovaries are closer to your mons than your hip bone. They are very centered so it's unlikely that it would be an ovary. Internally, your appendix or your intestines are near that area. Or it could be a muscle. Hernias also develop in that area for women.

I learned this recently when I was seen for regular pain in the area around my hip bone. My GP and GYN both agreed that it was not my ovaries and a CT scan verified it was nothing internal. It turned out I strained one of those muscles and core muscles take a while to heal as they are always used. I wasn't doing anything very physical when I think the strain occurred.

If you are really concerned, you should ask your doctor. I didn't mess around because regular pain in that area can be serious- or not, but you and I can't determine that.
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I was having severe pains near my lower hip and couldn't figure out why. My doctor did an ultra sounds to rule out scar tissue or new growths. Guess what? I was very, very constipated even though I was going very day. Abdominal pains can be almost anything. It took a $400 test to let know to use a $7 solution (fiber supplement) but it could have been something very serious. I'd rather be a little too cautious than not.
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Yeah I get bad gas. Today I had some mad pressure in my chest that ended up being gas (relieved by a huge belch ). I burp a lot it seems like - maybe I need some Gas-x.

I'll definitely get it checked out if I get this pain again. Thanks for your responses!
Yeah I get bad gas. Today I had some mad pressure in my chest that ended up being gas (relieved by a huge belch ). I burp a lot it seems like - maybe I need some Gas-x.

I'll definitely get it checked out if I get this pain again. Thanks for your responses!
Originally Posted by MistressM.
Glad you think you've got it figured out. Just thought I'd add that I get pain in that same area also, and I'm pretty sure it's gas/intestine related. That is roughly where your sigmoid colon is located, and the quick s-shaped turn your guts make at that location often gives people problems. You may want to consider the possibility of having irritable bowel syndrome? My entire family has it and we all have terrible gas pains and other lovely symptoms.
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