So why do some cats...

when I'm reading in bed, my cat comes over, sits on my book, and licks my nose.
I am almost positive our cats have Siamese in them. First two of them, there heads and eyes are shaped like it, they're body's are svelte, and they have large ears. They also keep licking, and licking, and licking, and licking when they groom themselves, one time for an hour straight. I think they are just trying to groom us, I guess they think we aren't clean enough.
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I've had two Siamese and neither of them were really lickers, thankfully.

My white cat is a love-biter. When you pet her and she gets really into it, she starts mouthing your arm. It's weird.

My one cat will lick cardboard for hours if we leave some out somewhere in the house. I keep thinking he'll get a papercut on his tongue but he hasn't.

He also will not leave me alone in the morning, he licks every inch of exposed skin and purrs and rubs...but of course he leaves the hubby alone!

My dad is a smoker and the cat won't leave him alone when he comes over, licking and licking his hand, he must like the cigarette taste.
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I used to have a cat that would lick magazine covers. If I fogot and left a magazine around, I'd come back and find the cover with a 3-inch damp spot with no color on it.
My boy cat just started doing this while I am sleeping. First it was just my feet that he licked until I'd wake up and make him stop because it tickles. But yesterday, he worked his way up from my toes to my hair, licking every bit of exposed skin.

He's also obsessed with anything with a rough-textured surface. He loves my laptop desk and sneaks little licks of our sticky lint roller!

My girl cat will bite you when she's mad and then she'll lick very gently, like "Oh, I didn't bite you! Look, I'm nice!"
I can't stand being licked by an animal & it disgusts me when I see one licking someone. My Mom use to have ecezma & her dog would lick it. I would leave the room & gag. She said the dog was aware she had a skin condition & was trying to heal her. So her tongue that was probably licking her butt prior is now licking her.
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Our cats gently bite and "groom" our hands. We call them love bites and love licks. ...

In the past after stroking our cats, I noticed they often would groom themselves. I was a bit offended because I thought they were cleaning my scent off. But then I read that they do that to combine our scent with their scent. Supposedly they want everyone in the family to have the same scent.

But yeah, sometimes they really do like the taste of my lotion.
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We have two cats.

One loves to lick plastic. She loves Wal-Mart bags.

She gets really excited when we come home with purchases because she gets some new bags to lick.

The other cat likes to "hunt" socks. She'll put a sock in her mouth and make the strangest yowling sound. You would swear she was dying. We find socks all over our house.

The other cat likes to "hunt" socks. She'll put a sock in her mouth and make the strangest yowling sound. You would swear she was dying. We find socks all over our house.
Originally Posted by bandlady
That's cute.
I used to have a cat that loved carrying socks around. Didn't make any noise, though. One time we went away for a few days and when we came home there were socks all over the downstairs floors. He was kind of a small cat and could only carry one at a time, dragging it. It must have taken a long time to get all those socks down there.

Another of my cats used to lick the roof of his mouth or something, but it made a weird scraping noise. We called it, "chewing his cud". He did it repeatedly and we never knew why. Although sometimes he did it to make us wake up to feed him. He did it on the bed, right next to Michael and Michael bopped him with a pillow. So the next day he did it right next to the bed and Michael threw a pillow at him. The next day he did it at the doorway, and Michael threw a pillow at him. The next day, he did it around the corner of the doorway, so we could still hear him, but the pillow could not reach. HA!

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