Wondering how your Dr. rates?

I just discovered a new website! www.ratemd.com It is very cool - you can see how patients feel about their doctors and if the would recommend them. There were not tons of ratings yet, but as time goes on I can see this being a very useful site. Just thought I'd share...
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mine had 4 - 2 were excellent, 1 was ok, and 1 was terrible. I left him a glowing recommendation.
My family doc had a score of "4.8" (14 responses). I think he's great.

My OB #1 had an overall 4.2 and the responses were all over the place. Doesn't surprise me because he's the chief at a very busy teaching hospital and his office is a total gong-show. I did like him, though.

But most importantly..... my husband has a score of "5"!! Granted it was only 2 responses, but they were glowing. (and no, I didn't write either of them!)

Its nice to the see the doctors get rated - I've had to listen to my friends and family tell me my reviews from ratemyprofessor for years now.

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I just left a not so great review for a doctor we used when my dd was a newborn. He was awful and I strongly believe he was putting her through hell as long as my insurance would keep paying for it. I know three other families who had the same experience and I'm going to tell them all to leave reviews as well.
The doctor who caught Dylan has a glowing review. She was not by OB but I thought she was awful at my birth. I'm very tempted to leave a nasty review to at least balance out the good one.
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My OB got three glowing reviews and one bad review. I think mine will be somewhere in the middle. Everyone I know IRL who had her gave her a great recommendation, but I think her bedside manner leaves something to be desired.

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