How long do manicures last? Generally I'm rough on my hands but this is crazy, I got a manicure yesterday and it's already peeling and chipping.
I've had mine chip the same day. First and last time I had that done, but now I wear acrylics.
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I never wear polish on my finger nails. It just doesn't last for me. I will have them file them & trim my cuticles, etc. I love having pedicures. I will have the french manicure done & it will last for at least a month or longer. I use to wear the acrylics, but my nails grow so fast & it was too expensive & time consuming.
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Polish chips the same day for me, no matter if I have it professionally done, or if I do it myself. That's why I rarely wear polish.
Yup, I almost never get polish on my fingers because of how quickly it chips. My manicurist told me once that if I wanted it to last longer to skip the paraffin dip during the mani process... something about the oils in the paraffin make it harder for the polish to stick, or something.
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For me, they do a base coat, at least 2 coats of polish, top coat...which is usually some great fast drying stuff & then by SH triple strength stuff...lasts for at least 3 weeks...
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Real nails have natural oil on them that the paint doesn't stick to as well as they due to acrylic nails (no oil between nail and paint). Mine always peels after a day or two.
Mine usually slightly chip the next day, but they're still presentable and look good for about a week, maybe a week and a half. I'm forced to go for manicures because I'm basically inept at painting my own nails. I just can't paint my right hand without it looking like a five year old playing with mommy's polish.

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For me, they do a base coat, at least 2 coats of polish, top coat...which is usually some great fast drying stuff & then by SH triple strength stuff...lasts for at least 3 weeks...
just ask CC...
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LOL...I was just about to post that you gotta use the green stuff on top to make it last
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I think some people are just harder on nails than other people. I do my own manis (Orly base coat, polish, OPI or Sally Hansen topcoat) and they last a week or more. I might get a microscopic chip here or there, but nothing really noticeable. And I do dishes, wash the kid and dog, scrape stickers off of walls, etc.

It might be the shape of your nails, too. If your nails curve over your fingertips, you're more likely to get quick wear and tear on your polish.
A manicure usually lasts a week but sometimes up to two weeks - and I spend most of my time hammering away at a keyboard. I always wear gloves when I need to put my hands in water (apart from when in the shower lol) or I'm gardening.

Over on your side of the Atlantic you have a brand called 'Poshe' (hard to get over here). Their treatment base coat is great for nails and acts as a fantastic base. I use one coat of that and then the OPI of my choice (currently got a French Manicure - Alpine Snow on the tips with Coney Island Cotton Candy over the top) ) followed by either Poshe fast drying top coat or Seche Vita top coat (both of which are very good).

Being a bit of a nail PJ (it's not just hair) I think I've tried every combination of bases, polishes and top coats possible
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I do my own and they last about a week. I'm currently using Nail Envy and love it. I apply two coats, then one every other day until it's time for a new mani.
One way to combat the oil on the nailbed that makes the polish difficult to adhere is a ph neutrilizer. My nail technician uses this sometimes and it works pretty well.

Also, I swear by Creative Nail Designs "Stickey" base coat. It's a rubberized basecoat that acts as a grip between the nail and the polish. My french mani easily lasts a week at least.
i have acrylics so my nail colour lasts and lasts until it gets taken off - except for the spots where it wears down from typing.

since i'm in full packing and about to move and paint mode, i've had my nails cut short and just put a clear coat on.
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scuffing your nails with a very fine emery board will give the polish something to adhere to and last longer.

I used to do that to my horse when I showed a bunch-0000 steel wool to smooth the hooves, and then some polish-it'd last forever.

Much easier on the hooves than constantly putting it on/taking it off. They dry out way less. I'd guess itd be the same for people-nails.
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