Ugh....I'm horribly embarassed right now...

Im going to come back and post the details after dinner because my dad is making steaks right now, but I want everyone here to know that my oldest sister LIED about her illness. She had me going for the past month about going to the neurologist for her supposed "brain tumor" which actually doesn't exist. If anyone remembers, this is the same sister who wanted to come up here to Chicago, dressed up exactly like my mom (she never made that trip btw)

I also want to apologize to everyone here who posted their thoughtful messages and their prayers. This was a false alarm. I truly thought she was sick, but after getting details from both my nephew and my second oldest sister, I find out that I've been duped.

I'm not devastated or anything, but I do feel that I needed to give an explanation. I'm sorry

ETA: I know some of you are also wondering about my youngest sister (who's developmentally disabled). I'm currently petitioning for guardianship because it turns out she hasn't even HAD a guardian since she turned 18 (legally she is her own guardian)! And my dad is talking about co-guardianship which would give us a lot of options. I'm getting help from a place called Services, Inc and the Family Support Network. So thank you for all your support regarding this!! At least I have some good news!
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Oh my! What a horrible thing to lie about.
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I don't see where you have anything to be embarrassed about. Your sister...yes, she should be embarrassed. But, somehow I don't think she is.

I'm glad you don't have quite as much to be worried about after all.
i'm sorry you have had to deal with this.
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I'm so sorry that this happened, it's awful that you had to go through all that worrying. Anyway, I'm glad you're all okay. Good luck with your sister's guardianship!

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I agree with RCW, you have nothing to be embarrassed about.

I'm glad you found some one to guide you on how to get guardianship for your younger sister.
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Well, maybe not embarassed. More offended. It really should be a crime to lie about something like that. And you're right, I am relieved that she doesn't have a serious health problem and it is definetely one less thing off my plate these days.
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Does she know you know about her lie? Sounds like she was wanting some drama.
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If it helps I have a relative that does the same thing, about three years ago she had to have a very "experimental" surgery with a 40% survival rate, she wanted me to sign some papers to have power of attorney yadda yadda yadda, after about two months of her talking about the surgery the papers were never produced and the surgery never scheduled. About a year before that she told me she had cancer. After talking to other relatives I found out the surgery was very common and the cancer was just an outright lie.
I don't see any reason you should be embarrassed. IMO it doesn't reflect upon you whatsoever. And I'm glad that things seem to be going well with the situation with your younger sis.

I too have a relative that recently started pretending to have serious illnesses. Much to everyone's annoyance he seems to get his inspiration from people around him who really do have it. But he's being really stupid about it, so no one believes him.
I'm so sorry you're having to deal with all of this. You've been through enough stuff... you need a break. I hope everything goes well with your younger sister. Saying prayers for you guys...((( hugs ))) and come talk to us when you need to..we're here for you.
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OMG! Why would someone say that?!

I'm glad she is indeed healthy, even if in body and not mind.

I'm glad you and your dad may get co-guardianship of your sister, that should work out well for all. Good luck.

And I agree, your sister should be the one embarrassed.

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