ASAP - Tip delivery guys?

Well, they just got here, and they're kind of bumbling fools. And there was a big delivery charge. I wasn't sure whether I had to, but I was originally planning to tip them, but I'm kind of angry with the whole company now -- the dresser is still not in stock and no one called, like they said they would, to tell me whether it'd be here today or when I might expect it. And the guys are just clueless about what they're supposed to be delivering. The one had to go through the paperwork a zillion times. First he said they were delivering a table. Then chairs. I asked about a bedroom set. He said just a chest of drawers. Then said two nightstands. I had to ask if they also had the couch. He looked, said yes.

Do I tip these guys? They're not exactly friendly, either. And I only have $20 bills...

(sorry if I sound ******y. I'm a little peeved right now.)
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I wouldn't.

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I wouldn't either
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If you were disappointed with the company but the actual delivery person/people were nice, I would say maybe. But since even the delivery people aren't being friendly or helpful, I'd definitely say no.
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I think if there's a delivery charge it's not as necessary anyway - though with good service (or even decent) I would.
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Good. Then I save money.

And now I'm just flat out infuriated because I called six numbers to try to get in touch with someone only to find out the dresser won't be in for another week and a half, two weeks. Well, that would've been nice to know. Someone SHOULD call me, but I might not be first in line, so mine may not be in until who knows when.
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Oh, if they were friendly and personable, I certainly would. And I'll offer them a drink or whatever else I have. But they're also leaving my door open and letting in bugs. While they're not bringing stuff in.
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