American girl in my Islam class...

We have many study abroad students, esp. in classes such as Islam or Middle eastern Cultures...etc. Anyways, we've got a few American/European/foreign studenst in my Islam class, which is basically history of Islam. Some seem to be interested, some seem to be there to criticize, some are there to prove their religion better..etc...I have to say, I found this one going overboard though. She keeps yelling whenever something comes up. Doesn't even have to be about religion. She was yelling about not having a student ID number (right on her schedule) when the professor told us to check something that needed it. Then she got really angry when we said that 'Allah' is an Arabic word for 'God,' and she said that she would never see 'God' as 'Allah,' even if it's the same word, and if it means the same thing. When she was asked what she thinks the Arabic word used in the Arabic Bible for 'God' is she started yelling again.... Just felt like saying that. ....I found it pretty strange
i've met people like that here in this country.
so sorry, she doesn't represent all of us.
What's the point of taking a class if she doesn't seem to want to learn? Please don't think all of us are the same.
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Sorry that you have to deal with a realatively religiously ingnorant American, and a spoiled one too if she can't read her own student ID number.

Don't Arabic Christians also refer to God as Allah? I wonder if she though of that. Has anyone broken it down to her as Al-Llah, or The God? I doubt it would help though. From what you describe, it doesn't sound as if she will listen.

I saw many attitudes like that from Americans when I lived overseas. It could be embarassing.
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I'm so sorry you have one of the ignorant, loud, blowhards in your class.

There are many of them, many not American as well, but when it's someone coming from a vastly different culture who is intent on demanding that she's better than all those around her - ugh.

I bet she complains to people about how unfriendly you all are, too, and can't take any of the blame herself...
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Arab Christians do refer to 'God' as 'Allah,' informally, when they speak. In the Arabic Bible, the word mostly used is 'Al-Rab.' In Islam, 'God' has 99 names that can be used to describe Him-it's not only 'Allah.' One of those names is 'Al-Rab,' which I would have told the girl, but there would have been no use. when people say things like 'Inshallah' (If God wills), they all say it that way. During informal or regular speech, what is most commonly used is 'Allah.' I think the girl was just scared of the word..? I can imagine Muslim Arabs doing something like this if the roles were switched...
Don't worry spoiled american brats just don't do disrespectful things at colleges abroad they also do them here at home. I was a freshman in college when i was 22 after i got off of active duty. I was appalled at their rude behavior in class and around campus. Most of them acted like they had free reign of the world and rules didn't apply to them after getting out of high school and spending their parents money on college they would never finish. I now work in a town that is home to a state university and have little patience for the college students who wander around on the streets drunk when they should be studying.
Sorry about my little rant, but i know your pain. Your particular problem student probably thinks she is being cute by yelling in class and arguing her useless point. Just ignore her.....maybe someone will tell her to shut her mouth and knock her off her high horse. If she can't shut up and sit through Islamic Cultures (which is supposed to culture you about OTHER cultures if you are a student abroad) then maybe she needs to come home and grow up a little. Not all Americans are like this.......some of us are decent human beings who respect other nationalities, especially when we are not on our home turf!!
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funny, that's the way i act at the geek club.
Why would someone bother travelling to the UAE and then not keep an open mind while there?

My family is Hindu but I remember my dad using the expression "Insh'allah" quite often.

I don't get the entire purpose of studying aboard is to get a first hand experience of a culture that you know little about. Why go if you are not open to experiencing it? That just baffles me. Stay your ungrateful arse home....i'm sure there are tons of students that would love to have that experience...
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I agree with the previous posts on this point: Why go to a class if you are not open to learning? You are there to be taught about things, not to debate your views against others'.
I agree with the previous posts on this point: Why go to a class if you are not open to learning? You are there to be taught about things, not to debate your views against others'.
Originally Posted by anonnymouse
Word. You don't go to dinner at someone's house and then tell them the food sucks...
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Stay your ungrateful arse home....i'm sure there are tons of students that would love to have that experience...
Originally Posted by Nappy_curly_crown
No kidding. I'd love to take that girl's place! I never had the chance to study abroad, so when students take it for granted or complain about it, it gets on my nerves.

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