My mom got another dog?!?!

Seriously guys, you have no idea the begging I had to go through for the past 22 years just to get ONE dog! And now, 7 months later, my mom suddenly gets a SECOND DOG! A puppy this time!

And let me tell you...MOST ADORABLE THING EVER!!! She's a Maltese and I named her Roxy. (I'm a big fan of Chicago the musical)

I'll try and post a picture as soon as I can get a decent one...that thing just will NOT sit still!

Happy day!
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Originally Posted by jillipoo
Sounds familiar!!!

I BEGGED for a dog, and only was okay with moving from the city to the suburbs because my parents promised me one.

A year after the move, we got our dog, who passed away last year at sixteen.

THREE DAYS LATER, my mom gets a new one and she is SO attached to this little dog!

(By the way, she is also little and white and named Lola...after another Broadway musical character )

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