Who's getting a flu shot and who's not?

I got one because my doctor recommended it.Now,I haven't always been up to date with flu shots.But,for some reason I feared I was going to get it,so I better get the shot.I know it may seem crazy to some,but I just felt the need to do it.
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I'm a big advocate, tho there is much debate about it.
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I'm not getting it, even though my job offers it for free as my boss keeps pointedly reminding me. I don't think anyone's crazy for getting the shot--I'm not anti-vaccine--but I just don't feel the need. I'm young and healthy, so if I do get the flu the chances are good that I'll be fine.

I had it once, in college, and it sucked, so I'll probably kick myself if I get the flu this year.
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Nope, I try to avoid the unnecessary vaccines.
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I have lupus (immunocompromised) and am a health care worker. I got my flu shot a week ago. Even if it's a poor match it still provides some protection.
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I'm saying thanks-but-no-thanks on that shot to nowhere.
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Palin is an expert on flu immunization.

She can see a vaccine production facility from her house. hee hee
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Palin is an expert on flu immunization.

She can see a vaccine production facility from her house. hee hee
Originally Posted by alacurl

You betcha
I am, I got the flu last year and had to go to the ER for my asthma. Never again will I skip.
I got it yesterday and my arm is still sore.
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Nope, pass.
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I'm not, and I don't have any plans to in future years, either.
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I have not gotten it nor do I ever plan on it.
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I probably will give in to the pressure (our clinical directors highly recommend it). Besides, I'll be giving the shots at a clinic this year, so it will be pretty convenient. This will be my first flu shot as far as I can remember.
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Nope. My doctor strongly recommends it too since I'll be pregnant during flu season, but I've decided I'm not doing any more vaccines except tetanus boosters.
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The Rite Aid near me is having a clinic next week. I'm all over it. I've had the flu before, and my asthma has gotten much worse over the last year (ER visit and pneumonia in May), and I don't have sick days, so yes. I'm getting it. My winter health seems to be better when I get it, too.
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When I get the flu, I almost always get pneumonia or at least pretty severe asthmatic bronchitis. I get it every year I don't get the shot, so I'll get the shot. Sometimes that prevents it, sometimes it's not the needed strain, but it at least improves my chances.
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*sigh* My roommate is likely running a fever right now, and we all know what that could mean....I hope I get to decide! Right now, it's not a "shot or no shot" debate in my head, it's a "please, oh pleeeeease don't let me catch this nasty intestinal flu that (no joke) started in our rival school!" beg-fest.

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"Intestinal flu" isn't the same thing at all, is it?

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