I'm getting my first New York City production!!!

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Congratulations, D! How exciting!
Wow, congratulations! That's so exciting!!
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I can't tell you how proud I am of you!! See, I knew Margot was just the begining. I expect a starring role in your next major produtction!!
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Thank you so much!!! It's going to have three performances at the end of November. It's set in a bookstore, and I really thought only my friends that I worked with at the bookstore would appreciate it, since it's so many inside jokes
This was in the NYTimes yesterday...it made me sad!

Goshdarnit, I want to change that!

Wow Thats Great!!!!!! Congratulations.....
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Wow, congratulations!!!
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That's awesome! Congrats! Keep us updated on how it's going!
Originally Posted by BohemianRenegade
Don't worry, I will

The first show is four weeks from tomorrow...

And there's a cover charge and a two drink minimum...for some reason, I find that cool...after years of paying for overpriced $7 club sodas at shows, people have to pay for my shows now!
Congratulations! How exciting!

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Congrats!! I knew we'd be seeing some good stuff from you! Glad you've been sticking with it!
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In April, a musical I cowrote won the NJ Playwrights competition and had a full production.

A couple of weeks ago, a theatre company in the city contacted me that they wanted to put on a play I submitted to them AGES ago. (I honestly kinda forgot I even wrote it, let alone submitted it anywhere...I tend to do that...)

I've met with them, and they're awesome, and I think it's going to be a really good thing They told me that my play was the first one they read months ago, and they knew right then that they wanted to include it in their festival.

I'm really excited!!!!

I even get my bio and headshot on the theatre company's website

Hopefully, this can be the start of a great relationship between myself and the company!

Originally Posted by CanItBeChristine
That is amazing!! Please update when production rolls around - I will come into NY to check it out!
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Ah, boy do I miss NYC!
btw..can I have your autograph?
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Dianaís playwriting debut was a home run. Iím already looking forward to her next production.
Verah !
Now, where's your pic w/ the single gal in the city?

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