What song is stuck in your head right now?

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
My hair is: 3b-4a, at my shoulders

My goal: To have my hair down to my waist or near my waist by 2012!

My favorite quote:
Don't be afraid of death... but rather the unlived life. - Angus Tuck in the movie Tuck Everlasting
Circus by Britney Spears
Burnin Up by Jonas Brothers
Just Dance by Lady Gaga
Eye of the Tiger. I just watched a youtube video with Jensen Ackles from Supernatural. I don't even watch that show but heard about the video and just had to go watch.

Originally Posted by ruralcurls

I would like to touch Jensen Ackles inappropriately. And I watched that clip after an episode of Supernatural and almost peed my pants.
Cheater, cheater, where'd you meet her?

Down at Ernie's bar?

Did she smile at you and twirl her hair and say how cute your dimples are?

I wish her well as she rots in he!! and you can tell her I said so . . .

Cheater, cheater, where'd you meet that no good white trash ho?

Originally Posted by goldencurly
This was running through my head ALL through my seminar today!!

...It's a siggie.

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