What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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I have visions of pumpkin pies and banana pudding dancing in my head. Will be going to the in-laws for dinner without a doubt.
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We are going over to my aunt & uncles house. All the fam/cousins will be there. Mom is boycotting it all, so I don't expect her & my dad to show. Ironically, this is her sister's house...
I will have the little one w/ all of the fam, either way she'll itch, but I gotta do what I need to for the little one...We will also draw names for X-mas..guess m/d will be outta that, as well....:shrug:
I'll be in Charlotte, NC from early Tuesday to early Saturday, spending Thanksgiving with one of my sisters and her family.
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We'll be heading up to Oregon to spend the holiday w/ DH's family. DD is so excited about seeing her grandma and grandpa.
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Going over to in-laws house (FIL and his wife, not the crazy MIL). I'm bringing baked mac & cheese and cranberry bread. Maybe something else if I'm feeling ambitious.
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I'm not sure yet that I have the day off, so I don't know. If I do, I'll go home, and we'll cook some of the meal and bring it to a family friend's house. If I don't, my mother said she and my brother will come up here, she'll cook, we'll eat early, and then I can head off to work. I hope I'm off...
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We will most likely be going to a restaurant with the in-laws. My mom & sibs will spend it with my oodles of cousins, but MIL is still unwell, and the time is better spent with her. Hubby actually joked that we'll be saying the same thing in 5 years. Wishful thinking.
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I'm going home! I can't wait to be all nestled in with my family and eat some of the stuffing I look forward to every year. The turkey, I can do without. Our stuffing rocks. My uncle, who eats with my cousins and aunt at two Thanksgiving dinners, always says when he scoops some up, "This is stuffing!" lol

It's going to be too short, because my ride can only take me back early Sunday morning. *sigh* Ah well, then it's time to have visions of Winter Break dancing in my head.

Hungry face! He wants the stuffing, too. Watch out, drooly, I'm gettin' mine!

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I'm not sure yet.. We're still waiting to see my husband's holiday schedule. We know he has to work Thanksgiving, but if he has the weekend off then we'll come down and spend it with our families.
Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master!
Originally Posted by Poodlehead
I'll be at work. At least there will be overtime.

I'm vegetarian, so usually my SO and I make huge deluxe nachos. Delicious.
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I guess I will be cooking for my father and his caregiver at his place. If I'm lucky my BF will drop in.
We're off to the in-laws as well. This is their holiday, since they don't care to come down here to spend any of the others with us. So we have been delegated to going there for T'day. MIL cooks the meal if she's up to it (wonderful cook!) and I help as allowed (she's one that doesn't like anyone in her kitchen), but last year we ordered it from a store and just had to heat it up. Of course, she still makes her own stuffing and a few other sides.... way too much food for 4 adults and a child. Oh well, we eat the same food for the whole weekend. We also bring the pies, that's the only thing that will make the 4 hour ride up there easily.

My cousin has a dinner at her house, in the next city. I'd kind of rather go there, hate traveling over the holidays, but DH is off Thur-Sun, so it makes a long weekend. DS if off the whole week. We usually drive up after DH gets off on Wed night, lots of traffic. Don't get me wrong, I love my ILs and enjoy time with them, but I *hate* the traffic going up there.

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I don't know...between in-laws, mother/stepfather, father, brothers...I have no clue. I feel like I'm being pulled from all directions. Maybe my brother will take in my father and other brother and I can bring my mom with me to my in-laws. That's my plan, but that takes my brother's and mother's cooperation. My stepfather is elderly and is sick a lot...maybe I will go to my in-laws early and then spend the rest of the day with my mother and stepfather. I don't know.
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SO and I are planning on going to Atlanta for the week to spend it with his Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. Should be fun..and interesting.
Everyones coming to me!

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite Holiday (and meal!)

There will be about 30 of us and I do strictly traditional:

1 Roast Turkey, 1 Fried Turkey (my brother does the fried one)
Corn Bread
Cranberry sauce (real and canned)
My secret recipe KILLER Wild Mushroom/Onion Stuffing!!!
Sweet potato Pie
Wild Rice
Roasted Brussels Sprouts
and lots of Wine

Apple pie for dessert! (my sister makes this)

The BEST part is the LEFTOVERS!!!!!!!!!!!! (which I make a tin of BEFORE I serve - muahahahahaha)
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We're going to see my grandparents- most likely having dinner with one set and visiting the other set afterwards.
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Ooh, this year I'm being permitted to join my brother and family at their new country club!

Okay, I know that sounds mean, but honestly, I never know to what, if anything, I'll be invited with him. He's my only surviving family member, and was really upset about my broken engagement this summer. (I think he blames me.)
Anyway, as a vegetarian, I'm planning on getting through it with alcohol.

Yay, wine!
This year we will be going to my Mom's house. My sister and b-in-law will be there too (they live in Arizona-moved there recently from Virginia) so we don't see them very often - once a year if lucky. Because my Mom has been sick we will be doing all the cooking. Because of my Mom's health it's a good thing we will all get together. My sister's son will be coming up from Virginia and we will pick up my daughter on the way there. My brother is not coming up this year due to concerns with the economy/job, etc. I wish he were as I have an odd feeling this might be my Moms last Thanksgiving.
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Going to the in-laws this year.

I shall be armed with my midwestern Thanksgiving staple: Green bean casserole. And whatever else I can think of so that I don't have to have rice and beans as a side dish.

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It's Dad's year, so I'll be at his house. I really hope my brother makes it down, but he may end up at his girlfriend's parents' house instead.

I love holidays at my dad's! Even with drama, and there's more this year than there has been in a while, the overall philosophy of having anyone who doesn't have a place to go join us is awesome, and I get to cook all day w/ my dad. We're pretty like-minded about cooking, and it's fun, and good time spent together!
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