what do single guys do on saturday afternoon?

okay i'm wanting to start meeting some new guys with the possibility of becoming friends and dating.

during the week nights i teach classes at the gym. saturday morning i teach a cycling class at the gym. there are a few guys there but it seems like the single guys must sleep in so i'm thinking i need to think about things i can do on saturday afternoons where i might cross paths with single guys. i have NO ideas? i figure the kind of guy i would be interested in probably isn't cruising the malls but i do sometimes go shopping and see a few guys but i just really want to expand beyond that. any ideas would be great!!
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i dunno, i suspect it has something to do with sports? play soccer or football or something with their friends? play guitar hero? go to the grocery store?

i know, not helpful. but if you find out, lemme know.
Watch college football? Or is that only if you live in a college town?
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At my school they do either one of two things:
-Get drunk
-Play video games

Not great if you want to hang out and get to know somebody.
This time of year they sleep in then watch football. If you like football, you could hit a sports bar in the afternoon. Do you golf? There are always guys at the driving range.
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Wow, men are really pitiful. No wonder I can't find them.
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Maybe you could do stuff you like to do or would like to do in places you want to be...That way if you meet guys there they're more likely to be interested in the same things you are.
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How about the grocery store?
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Maybe you could do stuff you like to do or would like to do in places you want to be...That way if you meet guys there they're more likely to be interested in the same things you are.
Originally Posted by Phoenix
This is my suggestion as well. Do you the things you like to do, and you'll meet guys with the same interests (maybe not at the salon, but you know what I mean).
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If you enjoy stuff like cycling, hiking or nature walks (and you live in an area that offers those opportunities), you can meets lots of guys. They tend to be physically fit, too, so that's a big plus.

In my area, outdoor activities are "advertised" in community/recreation calendars online and in newspapers. Some groups do things every week or, for example, every third Saturday of the month, so you can make plans.
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My husband was and is a big fisherman. He and his buddies would fish ALL DAY on Saturday.

They're all cute too.

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Most of the single guys I know, including the one I date, watch football, football and more football (this time of year anyway).
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thanks girls!!! how ironic is it that about an hour after i typed my op a guy friend of mine called and said he was going to a sports bar and asked if i wanted to meet him!!! i went. we had a nice time and i got to drink bud light which i love there weren't lot of single guys in there but i did see a few and it was cool and laid back. i think the sports bars will be a place i'll check out more often.

today i sat by a really cute guy at church. this was our 2nd time sitting by each other but i saw him in the gym last week so i had something to say to him. i told him i saw him in the gym when i was teaching cycle. he kept looking in the class (but he was looking at the students not at the teacher, ha ha)...anyway we chatted it up in church when we could. it felt so great to have a positive exchange and i have a feeling there may be more!!

anyway, back to single guys on the weekend. i think i need to branch out because the grocery story by my house is very family oriented and single gay guys. i once read about going shopping in another neighborhood. seems like a lot of work but i'm ready to meet new people.

phoenix, i am a very big proponent of doing the things i like, i definitely do that!!! but at some point i realized i'm in a routine and not meeting new folks so that's why i put the question out there. i totally like my life but i want to meet someone to share it with!!

partyhair, i've heard about single guys and fishing...i don't fish though so i'll have to pass on that one. love the idea about the golf range. i don't play but maybe i could learn....

i won't be meeting the video game guys....probably for the best since i like active guys!

i'm about to either go to the gym or the dog park....because i want to but maybe they'll be some single cuties there
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i change lives...through fitness
i'm more relaxed being natural

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The dog park in my town has a lot of single cute guys! Good idea!

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