My cat almost got me a good car insurance rate...

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He was running through the house like an idiot and I realized he was carrying something in his mouth. It was a gekko or some lizzard that looked like one. I jumped up on my son's desk and was screaming like an idiot. I'm terrified of them - they're too much like snakes with legs.

He dropped it and my son scrambled to catch it and bring it outside. I'd like to know how it got in the house!!
I'd be happy if a gekko wondered into my house. Lizards are excellent insect control!

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My cats *always* bring geckos in the house.

The worse part is they drop their tails as a defense mechanism... the damned thing continues to wiggle for 15 minutes - horrifying.
I actually think little lizards are cute. I used to have one for a pet.

Of course, running loose in the house is a different story, it's true.......
There are lots of tiny geckos in my house. They hide behind the pictures on the wall...

Northern Colombia.
Stupid lizards are always coming in my house. I end up running around like an idiot trying to catch them, but if I don't, I know I'll find their dead pieces later. Maybe I need to put a "Beware of cat" sign on my house or something. Think lizards can read?
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Before I got my cat, every so often we'd see those little lizards in the house. The first time it was a shock, but then I started trying to catch them with a shoebox or whatever was handy and putting them back outside. The other day, I saw one again for the first time since getting my cat It was dead, though.

She's sniffed out a couple of small frogs that have somehow gotten into the house, too. Luckily, we were able to get those guys out of the house unharmed.

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