Toaster Oven Recs?

I have a toaster oven but it doesnt seem to heat up well at all. Aren't they supposed to be like mini ovens? Nothing turns out the same in it. Any body have an recommendations for a good one?

I had Black & Decker toaster ovens for years.. then we got an Oster Convection Oven. I can cook everything in it that I would cook in my oven (that fits in the Oster) and it all comes out great!
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I have a Hamilton Beach one that I adore, it's red. It's a toaster and a toaster oven, I use it all the time, but it's not very big.

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When we first moved into our house, the old stove didn't have a working oven, so all I had for five years was a toaster oven. I can't recall exactly what brand it was we had, but I can tell you for sure to get one that has upper AND lower heating elements, and that there is a cooking position or setting that allows you to use both at the same time. Upper or lower only is fine for some things (broiling, toasting, etc), but if you really want to be able to bake in it, you'll need the upper and lower element option.
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