View Poll Results: Do you recycle?
Yes 46 77.97%
No 4 6.78%
I would if I could but I don't have any centers nearby. 9 15.25%
Voters: 59. You may not vote on this poll

Do you recycle?

I started recycling about 2-3 months ago when I discovered we had a center near where we live.

So far I recycle magazines, newspaper, glass, plastic, and aluminum cans.

I am just curious to know how many of you recycle.

I'm sorry if there has already been a thread on this topic. I did a search but came up with thousands of threads with "recycle" mentioned.
My apartment complex offers onsite recycling. They even give us recycling bags to keep in our apartment with one section for newspaper and magazines and one for bottles, etc.

I don't recycle my magazines, because I leave them in the lobby at work for people to read.
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It has been a law here for years and years that you HAVE to separate recyclables from your garbage. They just pick it up curbside with your regular garbage. Along with that, every community in my state has a transfer station or recycling facility available to them to recycle everything from used oil to appliances and car batteries.
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Mandatory here here in seattle.
Paper, glass, plastic, cans.
Now we also have lawn/garden/food waste (vegetable matter) composting as well.
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Our condo complex does not offer any kind of recycling containers whatsoever (which I think is pretty bad), however we try our best to collect our recyclables and take them to the city recycling center as often as possible. Admittedly we are lazier in the winter about it and haven't gone as often as we should.
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If you had made an option:

“Yes; I’m a recycling fiend!”

I would have picked that one.

Seeing as you didn’t, I picked “Yes”.
Yes-we don't have curbside recycling in our city,but we take our stuff to a place a few miles away.
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I voted "yes" because I always recycle when I'm at college. But at home, we don't have a recycling center nearby OR curbside pickup currently.... so I just feel guilty as I toss my aluminum cans and plastic bottles....
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We HAVE to recycle our paper here as well. As for cans, bottles, etc. that is optional, but I do & the money goes to my DD's show team(horseback riding).
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Absolutely. Everywhere I've lived since I was a kid has either had curbside recycling pick-up or condo/apartment recycling boxes.

I thought this was standard everywhere.
We also have curbside recycling. The bins are actually dumpster sized. We don't have to seperate anything, just dump it in the dumpster. I've gotten a bit lax the last month or so, but usually my friends will tease me about my recycling habits. Like, the paper that covers tea bags goes in, as well as toilet and paper towel cardboard roll centers. Our particular collector will take all types of plastic, not just #1 or #2 like at my parents' house, so I can recycle a lot of stuff that other people can't.
Growing up in the 70s, that commerical with the crying Indian apparently affected my whole family. My parents made regular trips to a recycle center to drop off bottles.
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yes, and i am impressed with you girls.
I only recycle cans, since there aren't any other types of facilities in my area. I recycle paper, in a way. I shred it and use it as bedding for my rat. Saves money.
I voted that I would, but I haven't seen any facilities nearby. The condos next door each have their own recycling box-thingees. I'm jealous; all we have are dumpsters. I feel like I should be doing more for the environment - I'm really good at conserving energy and water, and if I decide to have children in the future, I'm just having one. When I start earning some $$$, I'm going to give more to the wildlife conservation groups and spay/neuter groups like the Humane Society.
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we were recycling even before it became city-wide mandatory.
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Yes indeedy! Here in Chicago, we do the blue bag thing. It's not mandatory though. ( I wish it was)
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We recycle aluminum cans, but nothing else. Our town doesn't have a recycling program, for some reason. So when we recycle our cans and stuff, we have to drive pretty far. It's a lot of work to just recycle a couple of things.


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I saw an area for "oil" at our recycling center. Does that mean motor oils or can you also recycle cooking oils as well? Like when I use my deep fryer, can I recycle the old oil?

Also, when you recycle glass jars do you leave the metal lids on or should you take those off an put them in a "metals" bin?
Mandatory here, but I recycled before it was mandatory. We have curbside pickup every 2 weeks. They even take clean paper, which considerably reduces the amount of garbage we throw away -- all that junk mail.

Oil is undoubtedly used motor oil, and I don't think you can put cooking oil in. Metal lids should be removed from the glass jars. I never have recyled the metal lids, though.

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