fair skin, blue eyes + dark hair??

sooo ive got blue eyes and fair skin, and im thinking of coloring my hair darker a shade. my natural color is a dish-water blonde. i just dont want to look like a vampire because of my unavoidable whiteness (yikes!)

Does anyone know any celebrities with this color combo, or what color you think would look best?
If Im honest I have to tell you I still read fairy-tales and I like them best of all ~Audrey Hepburn~
Alexis Bledel was the first actress to come to mind... I personally think it's a pretty combination.


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I have very pale skin, dark blue eyes and dark brown hair. Although, I don't think the contrast is as marked as with Alexis Bledel! Obviously these things depend a lot on your individual skin tone. You could try a chestnut shade. It's a lovely rich brown that could really bring out your eyes. It's also not too dark, so it will lessen your chances of looking washed out. Obviously I can't tell for sure without seeing you.
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Courtney Cox, Liv Tyler and Jennifer Connolly. I'd say Megan Fox too, but she isn't really fair skinned.

You won't look like a vampire. But maybe make sure your hair color isn't too flat or one dimensional.
I think it tends to be a stunningly beautiful combination. Even Cameron Diaz, who I have never thought was pretty, looked very pretty when she let her skin get paler and had dark hair.
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I myself have very pale skin, gray-blue eyes and brown hair. I'd like slightly darker hair to even it out but I've actually had people compliment me on my coloring before =)
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I think it looks really great on people who have that complexion naturally. But for some reason, it never looks right when peope dye their hair to get that color combo.

My cousin has the exact same hair/skin/eye color as Couteney Cox and she is soo stunning.
I have white white white skin, blue eyes, and dark hair. When I go darker (like from dark auburn to a real actual dark brown) I have to go to a salon otherwise it can just look cold and fake. It can be really harsh if you don't get your colorist to mix in a few colors and keep things at least somewhat natural looking. And makeup can be tricky too because everything REALLY stands out, so you can look clownish if you're not careful.
Linda Carter (Wonder Woman) has this color combo and she's always been very beautiful.
I've always thought it was a very pretty combo.
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A poster here has that combo: Scarlet and she is absolutely gorgeous!!!

That coloring just has an ethereal/otherworldliness about it to me. I don't mean alien at all, and not exotic, just almost regal, but that's not the word either.

One of my cousins married a lady with jet black hair, white-white skin and light blue eyes. She is unbelievably beautiful. She never wears makeup - she has perfect eyelashes and pink lips and gorgeous skin. SO NOT FAIR!!!
Are your eyelashes and eyebrows more brown or blonde? If they are brown, I think you can get away with it. My sister-in-law has blonde brows and lashes, and I think it wouldn't work for her.
well, heres a picture of me.

My brows are a little on the blondish side, hmmmm.
maybe i could do an auburnish color?
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If Im honest I have to tell you I still read fairy-tales and I like them best of all ~Audrey Hepburn~
First person who came to mind is Courtney Cox-Arquette and she's stunning!

I am another fair-skinned, blue-eyed brunette. When I went TOO dark, yes, I did look and feel a bit Elvira-ish! As long as I keep it medium brown or auburn,I'm good. Although you cannot really see my eye color very well, this is me:

well, heres a picture of me.

My brows are a little on the blondish side, hmmmm.
maybe i could do an auburnish color?
Originally Posted by kristen
My hair is naturally the same colour as yours, maybe a shade darker. My eyes are blue and I have a fairer complexion. My eyebrows are on the lightish side, so when I dye my hair darker, I just darken my eyebrows as well. With make-up, not with dye. When my hair is lighter, then I have my normal eyebrows.

I think the combo dark hair/light eyes and skin is GORgeous, but I agree that it looks best naturally. Doesn't stop me from trying, though .

Just make sure you use multiple colours and darken your eyebrows! Drives me crazy when people have light eyebrows with their dark hair.
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I think your hair color isn't dishwater blonde, it's a beautiful natural blonde color. I'd cherish it if I were you.

Dying it a bit darker might work, but going from this to black or dark brown will be a disaster. Sure, it will look great at first, but what will it be like once you have outgrowth? Your hair will look almost translucent when it grows out against the darker color, and you'll be dying it non-stop. The upkeep will be immense.
Ooooo good one.

On another note, I once saw a guy who had very light greenish blue (or bluish green) eyes, very dark hair and tan skin. He was like a darker version of Brad Pitt, looked a lot like him. And he was insanely cute. Too bad he was a murderer...
My natural coloring is about the same as yours. I've been dark haired a few times. I thought it looked good until I saw pictures later, where it ended up neing a bit harsh for me, and blond roots with dark hair was too high maintenace. I kept looking as if I was going gray.

I jsut settled on dying my hair red, and I've stuck with that for 15 years, lol.
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