How often do you have to blow your nose?

I feel like I have to blow my nose way too much throughout the day, that maybe I have some sort of underlying problem. My nose runs when I'm outside and it's cold, when I'm eating, sometimes when I'm bending over to do something, and just at random throughout the day. Sorry to be gross but it will like drip out if I don't blow it immediately. I don't recall if I have always had this problem, but I've been noticing it recently.

I don't think it's allergies because it's cold here and don't allergies act up in the summer? Also I don't have any other allergy related symptoms.

What could it be? Is this normal?
My allergies bother me all year round. I don't have any advice though besides talking to your doc about it.
Could be allergies. Mine start acting up more when it's cold.
Tgreyz, I have the exact same problem. I have it all year round. I asked my doctor about it and he told me it is allergies and he gave me a nasal spray to use daily. I can't say if it worked or not, b/c I wasn't using it consistently. I should try to use it daily and see if it helps.
Unless I have an active cold, or have been crying, I almost never need to blow my nose. My husband, however, has sinus "issues" and blows all the time. Sexy...
Like RCW, never, unless I'm sick. I loathe blowing my nose and only do so when absolutely necessary.
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You can actually give yourself sinus problems (and ear problems) by habitual nose blowing. It injures sinus tissues and spreads infection. You really shouldn't blow unless you really need to, and you should never do it one nostril at a time (too much pressure)...blow both at once.
sounds like allergies. I always blow mine in the morning (in the shower, haha ... the steam helps ... and I hate tissue because it makes my nose red). if I eat something really spicy or if I am outside in the cold then I have to blow it again.
Over the past few weeks, I've had to blow my nose a lot.

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I wonder if dry indoor heated air is aggravating your tissues.

You might try the dreaded neti pot for some relief. It works wonders for a host of sinus/nasal problems. There have been entire threads about it here, so do a search.

I usually blow my nose once in the a.m. and that's about it.
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