I'm so ready to rip up the carpet!

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I so want to rip up our carpet and start laying down the hardwood flooring!!

One credit card and one car payment is standing in the way.

More incentive to pay them off so we can get started.
I understand completely...and now is the time to shove every single extra penny into those payments

In the meantime, can you at least go ahead, rip up the carpet and paint whatever you will use for underlayment?
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I know the feeling.

Quite a while back my then-husband and I were getting close to putting in hardwood flooring. I finished a freelance project and had the rest of the money we needed, but he didn't know about it yet.

So I arranged to have it done on a weekday, while he was at work. It was just the lower level, and not too large an area, so the workers only needed the afternoon to do it.

I got his mom to help me move the furniture out that morning after he left. By the time he got home from work, we had new floors. All the furniture was still piled up outside on the deck, but he didn't care.

That was fun.
that was sweet of you!
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I can't wait to rip up our carpet and put in hardwood floors.
Paint do whatever renovations you are thinking of before you rip the carpet up and installing the flooring.

I ripped up my carpet because I hated it and loved the original mid 1800's hardwood underneath. Then a couple of years later started gutting the living room. I'm just lucky that the floors can take abuse and not show it.

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