Recs for air purifier?/Are they dangerous?

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I would like to get an air purifier for my bedroom. Is there a certain type that works good for you? Also, I know that some of them have been linked to cancer...maybe the ozone ones...maybe it is all of them...I'm not "up" on that. I don't want to expose myself to more toxins than I'm already exposed to.
Ack! I hadn't heard about the cancer link. Must google now.
My dad has one we use that has the ozone option but I don't use it, smells weird. I think it's an EdenPure. It works great on cooking odors, paint fumes, etc.

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I have a Sharper Image one with the Ozone feature.It is so easy to clean the metal grill instead of needing to change a filter. I think the company might be out of business now though. Is there really a cancer risk?
I never heard about the cancer risk, but my allergy doc said this about the ozone/ion feature: You know how metal is oxidized after sitting out in the elements? That's what the ions eventually do to your sinuses.

However, someone else on this forum (can't remember who), said her doc recommends the ozone feature.
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