Is something wrong with Google?

I did a Google search this morning and all the results have "opening this site may harm your computer."

I do not have a virus.

I checked my other browser and the same thing. Then I checked other search engines and nothing. I can open the sites without any problem. Therefore, the problem must be with Google, right?

Is anyone else having (or has had) this problem? How do I get my Google back to normal.
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Google can lead you to some unsecure sights but I've never seen that before. I'm getting the same thing now but I used Google early today with no problem.
Thanks, Speckla. I am glad it is not just me. I used google this in the wee hours of the morning and I did not get that.

I am sure they will fix it soon.
Me too and it won't let me view any pages.

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I think they've tried to add some security to their search engine and winded up screwing it up in the process.

If you search for THROUGH google, it says may harm your computer. I'd take the warning with a grain of salt for right now...
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Back to normal!

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I got a strange message like that when switched on the computer at work last night. I think someone had been on there earlier trying to use Google as it said that's where the problem was. It seemed to sort itself out later in the night. Strange. Didn't have any problems at home.
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I think it got hacked. At least that's what one of my computer dork friends said.

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I had the same thing happen this morning.,...331777b,00.htm
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