ANTM Cycle 12

Here's a link to photos of the Cycle 12 contestants. Season starts Feb 25.

Whaddya think??

I'm interested to see what Allison (photo 2) will look like after her makeover. She's blah now, but I think she could be interesting.

I think Kortnie and London (photos 6 and 12) both have really interesting faces, and that's always a plus.

I love Talhia's curls! (photo 8 ), but she's awfully commercial, especially in this picture.

Teyona (photo 10) has an incredible facial structure... gorgeous!

Sandra (photo 13)... look at those legs! Yowza! And Aminat (photo 14) has one of the only photos that has attitude!

Honestly, most of the other girls are pretty boring. Interesting choices this time, Tyra...
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what did paulina porizkova do to her hair?!
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I like Tahlia's hair. Well, I'll be glad to see the show start back up again.

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I love this show...way more than I probably should. Based on these pictures I think I'll be rooting for Teyona and possibly London and Kortnie. Teyona is by far the most striking out of all of them, though.

Edit: And I'm sorry to say it but...Tahlia looks like a 40-year- old soccer mom in that picture.

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