Does mouthwash hurt the inside of your mouth?

Or is it just me? It really stings, and then aches for ages afterwards.
Listerine and Scope do.

I use one by Crest that doesn't.
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I can answer this one. Most mouthwash has a high concentration af alcohol in it, which is where you get that stinging sensation from. These type aren't really good to use for a very long time, because they actually end up drying out your mouth and oral tissues, causing more plaque to stick to your teeth because of the drying conditions caused by the alcohol. My boss (a dentist) says that overuse of mouthwashes with a high concentration of alcohol has been linked to some oral cancer. (not trying to scare you, sorry) I would google that information for further info. Apart from that, drinking mouthwash (not that you would) is worse for you than drinking vodka, because it has something like 50% more alcohol than vodka. I found that out by watching a documentary on alcoholism. You can Google that too. BTW, I've been a Dental Assistant for 20 years, so I know a bit about oral care and health and teeth. HTH
Sometimes, yes. Listerine is the worst IMO. I think it's Scope that makes a direct 'answer' to Listerine...It's tagline is "Clean without the burn" or something like that...

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And here I was thinking I was being good for my teeth by starting to use the stuff! I have Aquafresh (just cause I like the taste of the toothpaste lol). Should I not use it then?
Listerine and Scope do.

Right now, I use one by Breath Rx that doesn't sting at all.
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Peroxide does something to my mouth that I strongly dislike, no matter how much I dilute it. The feeling lasts for the entire day.
Use mouthwashes without alcohol, they don't hurt. I think the thing with Listerine is it hurts so people think it's working.

I use DentylPH, the one you shake to mix. I have used Listerine on my hair to get rid of dandruff buildup.
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