Intervention on A&E

Anyone watch this show?? I have seen it a few times, but am sitting here hooked to the TV! This young woman is literally kissing her needle full of heroin, "her last high before boarding the plane" Such a sad way to live, addiction completely controls their lives.

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I don't watch it a lot because I find it SOOO depressing. One of the few episodes I watched really disturbed me. This girl was hooked on computer duster stuff...she would inhale it. I thought about that episode for a long time and then...get this.. Same girl was on one of my flights one time. I immediately recognized her and she was definitely back on sad...I still think about her a lot.
Yeah. I watch that from time to time. That's where I learned by watching one about an alcoholic woman, that Listerine has more ALCOHOL IN IT THAN VODKA.

Yes, I watch it. It is insane. I love how they show updates at the end. It is a big disappointment to find out that some people are back to using or whatever they were doing. This was their big chance at help you know...

Did you see the one where the chick couldn't swallow?! She had the feeding tube in her stomach and she chewed up food and spit it out! That was crazy!
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i watched it the other night when i couldn't sleep - patsy or patty maybe? anyway, her teenage son was begging her to get better. it just made me cry and cry. i don't know why i watch it???

there was one about a guy named larry who ended up passing away due to his addiction. the stories are really haunting. but i keep going back.

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