I could use some specific SHOPPING help please

I'm going with a tacky "guy" (yet hopefully practical as well - I'll explain) V-Day gifts for the SO. In 14 years together I've never done this type of gift so forgive me or roll your eyes now before you post okay. TIA.

I'm looking for a good pair of over the knee socks. Not thigh high stockings. Not tights but a nice material that will actually keep your feet and legs breathing and warm. Not to mention be very sexy. Preferably a solid color.

Looking to see from experience (because sorry I just haven't worn these before ) as to what is comfortable and stays in place for design and material. She's about 5'4" and has thicker legs and thighs. I know she doesn't want it to roll down or slouch.

Cashmere? Polyester? Wool Blend? What have you got? Looking to stay under $20 and if you know there is a store that carries them so I won't have to online order even better. I have no qualms about going into a "women's" store or section to get what I need.

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They sell over the knee socks, and just about everything else sock and hosiery related. And they have lots of fun patterns. Not sure about quality though.
You'll probably have to order online as most B&M stores don't carry such items. Whether the socks stay up or not really depend on her legs. Most women have the "roll down" problem with thigh high hosiery. That's why thigh-high stockings usually have a band of elastic at the top. The socks will probably only stay up if she has "straight" legs, rather than the wider-at-the-top thighs that most of us have. She could use sock garters at the top to keep them up. Garters can be worn the traditional "suspender" way, or they can be worn with the top of the sock turned over to hide them.

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Just an idea. Also American Apparel.

I Googled "over the knee socks"

I honestly don't know what brick and mortar store would sell these--hopefully you can get some more suggestions here. Maybe Torrid/Hot Topic?

Good luck!

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Good feedback, thanks RCW.
I know the sock garters I wear with my uniforms are not always the most comfortable things. It does beat having the socks roll down where you have to continue to pick them up. It's not like she is going to be wearing short skirt or shorts with these. Most of the time it will be around the house (as she likes wearing long t-shirts but ditching the pants) to keep her feet warm or occasionally with boots or under work pants. (office can get a little cold too)
~Two friends, one soul inspired~ anonymous
I've seen the sock dreams and foottraffic websites. I did the Google search myself so I've seen some but I'm looking for the wearer opinion. Where's Blair Waldorf and Abby Sciuto when you need them?

Is nylon really warm? Like snuggle up on the couch feeling?
~Two friends, one soul inspired~ anonymous
nylon can be warm, but it can also get clammy. and it's NOT snuggly! look for microfibre for snuggly!

(don't know who Blair Waldof is, but i suspect you'll find Abby in her lab!)

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Blair wouldn't give me the time of day nevermind fashion advice. She's too busy in Manhatten scheming to get revenge on someone or get into Yale. I mean she is aristocrat bloodline right? I'm sure Serena van der Woodsen would help too but she's like 5'10" and slim. Gossip Girl.
~Two friends, one soul inspired~ anonymous

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