What do you think are the obligations or the right thing to do for step relatives?

But all that aside, if the children are truly living in the kind of situation you describe, the authorities should be called. To me, knowing these children are abused by a mother who throws them around and does drugs and doing nothing about that is the truly terrible thing that is happening.
Originally Posted by sdc
ITA. You're either part of the solution or part of the problem. If you know or suspect abuse and do nothing then you are enabling it. You are telling the adults that it is ok, and the children that they deserve it. The number 1 cause of death of children is homicide by parents, in almost every case at least 1 person knew knew and did nothing. Those who do survive often suffer long term psychological illness. All it takes is 1 phone call.
And they all also live further away from the majority of the rest of the family so there would probably only be actual contact once or twice a year max.
Originally Posted by Amneris
I think that makes a difference. When I read the first post, I was relating it to my own family. We only have one divorce, but the woman my uncle is now dating (7-8 years?) and her family (parents & brother) have totally embraced my cousins as there own. They send gifts for holidays, my cousins have gone out to stay with them on the East coast in the summer....no distinction there between their biological Grand kids and the kids from their daughters boyfriend.

One of my cousins is also dating a woman with a son and he is totally one of us. Hes treated the same as the other kids, and anyone who didn't no he wasn't related would never figure it out. My aunt actually hosted his birthday party last year and the father, his parents and the woman's parents & siblings all came.

Our family is pretty open though and everyone is always welcome. I understand that's not the way with every family though, and taking it a step further that they may only see the kids a few times of year, I could see them not totally being accepted.
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