View Poll Results: Did you do drugs back in the day?
Yes, and I regret it. 3 3.61%
Yes, no regrets. 27 32.53%
Yes, still do. 8 9.64%
No, never. 45 54.22%
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Did you do drugs back in the day?

I did a little weed (the weak stuff back in the 70's), and tried speed (meth?) a couple times (didn't notice anything spectactular), and drank quite a bit. I still drink quite a bit socially. I took a couple hits of weed about a year ago and I was HALLUCINATING for hours. Never again. It's too strong now.
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I did & still do weed, but only occassionally now. I agree it is way stronger today & kills my lungs.
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Nope, I was a goody two shoes growing up. I was the one you always said you were with because your parents knew that I was the responsible one in the group .
I never did drugs but I have heard some crazy tales. I love hearing funny stories about drugs.

The weirdest was a friend of mine who took acid, and claimed he was rolling down a hill wrestling Papa Smurf...
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Yup, no regrets. Last toke was 1987. I only take prescription drugs now and nothing for high or low. Glass of wine or a cocktail will do fine.
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One of the many reasons I've never tried drugs, and never plan to:

It's not just about you the consumer, or even the dealer and the consumer. It works in a cycle. If you've ever lived in or around a crime neighborhood, you'll know that it's so easy for innocent people to get caught in the crossfire. Druggies steal from people for drug money, children get caught in police/dealer scuffles, etc. Yes this even includes "harmless weed." I have absolutely no respect for illegal drug users, as someone who had her home wiped out by druggies. If people have it so bad that they need drugs and alcohol to get through their lives, maybe they should explore healthier ways of dealing with their problems.

Especially when you break the law, remember what goes around comes around. I guess some people feel they're far enough removed from it to not reep the consequences of the drug trade. Must be nice but things are a changing quickly so don't always expect to be insulated.
I clicked never too, but I do drink alcohol occassionally.

I've never had the remotest interest in doing drugs and I m glad - see far too many people in my line of work who have drug-induced psychoses and I can't tell you what a pain the people who come in (the clinic I work) for drug detox are. The alcoholics are bad enough, but the druggies are just a pita.
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Never did it! Was a teen in the 70s, living in the inner city but never did drugs. I was curious but there was no real desire to end up like the folks I saw on the corners.
Never did it! Was a teen in the 70s, living in the inner city but never did drugs. I was curious but there was no real desire to end up like the folks I saw on the corners.
Originally Posted by Myradella3

Me, too - I never did them either because any curiosity I had was wiped away by a) fear of my parents b) not wanting to be like the addicts on the street and c) not wanting to be like the kids my age who used drugs who mostly seemed like losers to me.

I had a secret desire to try ganja for a long time but I was afraid of becoming a street person because of it
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I've done a lot. Since having kids I've only use things like butts, alcohol, and maryjane.

Life is an experience and I'm appreciative for all the things I've lived. Good and bad. Because I've lived it.

Ya, my memory is a little lacking, but who's to say it's because of past drug use or because I've gotten older, more things retained in my head, I'm busier, and I have 4 people to take care of rather than just myself?

My husband had a bit of a hard drug problem that went on for years. I expect someone like that to have a little brain connection problem. But then again, that's life.
No, never. I've always known I was crazy enough sober!!!

I don't even like taking over-the-counter or prescription medications.
I've never heard of people not considering weed a drug. And of course alcohol's a drug, too.

I wouldn't count a normal dose of caffeine or properly used medication, though.
If people have it so bad that they need drugs and alcohol to get through their lives, maybe they should explore healthier ways of dealing with their problems.
Originally Posted by Adrina
I don't think that's fair or realistic. Of course people should seek professional help, instead of self-medicating. But a lot of people can't afford treatment, or lack the motivation to seek treatment due to their condition, or feel ashamed of themselves for needing help.
Nope, never have. I do drink alcohol on occasion but this has pretty much dimensioned since having kids. I will be ready for a good margarita when this kiddo weans.
Only weed and alcohol. I was tempted to try ectasy but I was too scared. Acid, mushrooms, etc. didn't appeal to me because I knew I would have a bad trip..I'm just too paranoid. Things like crack, coke, heroin were completely out of the question.

The only drugs I've done were legal: alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, prescription drugs.
I used to be morally opposed to weed when I was a kid, so I didn't experiment then. And now, that I'm not morally opposed to it, I have too much to lose if I test positive, so can't do it.
I do still drink alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol is a nasty drug, that's for sure.
I don't think my legal drug use has hurt me long-term, but I've had some nasty short-term problems with alcohol, that's for sure.
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I am a sulfate washing, cone slabbing, curly lovin' s.o.b. The CG police haven't caught me yet.

The only illegal drug I've done ia marijuana. I still smoke very rarely now - makes me nauseaus while I'm smoking.

I drank a LOT of alcohol in college and for a few years after graduating. I recently had to pick up a cousin who flew in from NY and she was talking to me about when we were kids and asking me if I remembered stuff. I just looked at her and said "I've drank a lot since I was 12 so I have no idea what you're talking about." And for proof I opened up my middle console where I had a small airplane bottle of Jack. And no, I'm not an alcoholic, I just like to be prepared.
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I did my fair share of drugs when I was in college, but nothing anyone today would even remotely think was hardcore. Times have sure changed!

My memory isn't what it used to be, but I don't blame the drugs. I think computers, tv, and video games have made my brain mushy.
No, never. I've always known I was crazy enough sober!!!

I don't even like taking over-the-counter or prescription medications.
Originally Posted by goldencurly
Ditto this post! My friends know that I will dance on a table sober - but being sober, I will be able to judge its sturdiness and turn out a nice little jig. Haven't done it yet, but I haven't spun on a ceiling fan either, and since seeing that movie "Newsies" my friend loves so much, I've been determined to do that, too. I feed enough on the energy around me that adding to the madness counts as a drug cocktail to me, lol.

I was on Vicodin (generic) for my wisdom teeth for a bit. All I did was get hooked on this random late night anime show called Inuyasha and feel vaguely queasy. I've had sips of various alcoholic beverages and once a couple glasses? glass and a half? of wine at Passover. I prefer grape juice. See how boring I am? That's what my friends said when they were playing the "which drugs would you take with no consequences" game. I honestly had no desire for any, so that sucked.

LOL, I love the Papa Smurf story, KindredsTwin! Did he win? Reminds me of a story my friend told me about her brother getting slipped something and thinking his roommate was a giant murderous koala.

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