favorite warm beverage?

Decaf green spice tea from Adagio Teas is my currect favorite; sometimes I stray to other flavors, but I always come back to this. It just relaxes my body and my soul. It's a chai-like spiced tea and I like it with a splash of whole milk.

It's snowing with freezing rain and very cold here. Hot tea just makes it better!
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mostly tea. i have 2 green varieties that i enjoy throughout the day at work. i have a peppermint one at home for nighttime relaxing. i like some herbal teas that render a natural sweetness. otherwise, i drink my teas straight, not even honey.

i love cocoa with jumbo marshmallows, but conditions have to be just right for me to indulge in that comfort drink.
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A really excellent cup of half-deca latte in the a.m., then herbal tea -- rigt now lemon zinger with honey because I have a dreadful cold.
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AVEDA tea...it is naturally sweet and has the best aftertaste!
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Burdick's chocolate shop in Harvard Square makes the most delicious mug of steaming white chocolate hot cocoa. If I could drink that every day I would.

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Chai Spice Black Tea by Stash is my current fave... No honey or milk, just straight up! I also like a nice cup of peppermint or chamomile at night. There is also a sweet orange that I like.

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At home, coffee with half-and-half or cocoa made with skim milk and Ovaltine chocolate malt.

Not at home, probably a cafe mocha or pumpkin spice latte (when in season).
I love a good cup of hot chocolate! I enjoy Starbucks hot chocolate especially.

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Mocha, peppermint mocha, or vanilla latte --- all decaf.
For tea, my favorite is decaf Earl Grey or Lady Grey, just a touch of sugar depending on the mood.

It's cold here, time to go make another latte! I love my machine!

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A Starbucks vanilla latte. I've had vanilla lattes at a zillion local places and they're always just as expensive and ridiculously oversweetened. Starbucks regular coffee isn't worth the price, IMO, but their espresso drinks are head and shoulders above the rest.
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AVEDA tea...it is naturally sweet and has the best aftertaste!
Originally Posted by kurls

2nd this. Best tea ever!
Tazo Teas are the best! My favorites are Passion and Refresh. I keep a box of each in my desk drawer at work.

At night at home, I live Celestral Seasonings Sleepytime Extra tea w/ valerium root. Valerium root is supposed to be a natural sleep aid.
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At home, I like coffee or tea, depending on my mood. When it's tea, either green, iced, or this really tasty citrus chamomile from Novus. For coffee, I like lighter roast coffees with a little hazelnut creamer in it.
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Mmmm...I have a lot of fav hot drinks. I love my coffee and I love my teas. (HATE Starbucks coffee, though)

It's hard to pick ONE favorite...currently, I'm totally digging my lemongrass green tea. The lemongrass smells so fragrant. Darjeeling is also a good choice too. Oooooo hot cocoa with marshmellows on top!

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Hot apple cider from the farmers' market is so delicious! Also, homemade hot chocolate. And homemade coconut milk chai. Mmm.
Probably a cup of coffee from Blue Bottle, no milk and no sugar. My favorite blend are Giant Steps and Bella Donovan.
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Hot chocolate with waaay too much chocolate and with digestive cookies to dip.
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cafe mocha
vanilla mocha latte
Vanilla chai tea
chocolate peppermint tea
Earl Grey with way too much sugar in it.
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Good hot cocoa

Wawa capuccino

Starbuck's caramel apple cider

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