Hotel recommendation: Rome and Barcelona

Any good hotel recommendations for Rome and Barcalona? I'm going there next month with my girlfiends and I haven't even started to look for hotels.

I am looking for inexpensive but nice.

anyone have any experience with apartment rentals overseas? (I'm scared of the sheets)

When we were in Barcelona we stayed at the Tryp Apolo. We were there for NYE so I don't know what their regular rates are, or if it's what you'd consider inexpensive, but it was a nice hotel in a great location (within walking distance to a lot of the attractions, and there's a Metro stop right in front).

A friend of mine went there twice and got an apt both times. I'll try to find out what agency he went through.
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I dunno about what hotels, but both my mother and my co-worker have rented villas in Italy. My mother when to a spectacular villa with 4-6 friends and it cost each of them just over 100 a night (and i mean the villa was CRAZY nice....) apartments can come out around 125 a night (per my co-worker for her and her husband) in Rome. She said that she does it all online and that she has never had a problem. She said to just be very specific on the email. ie: is cleaning service included, are utilities separate, etc.

Good luck! I'm so jealous! You will have a great time.

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thanks curlymix, that's great advice.

I think I may have found a hotel for Barcelona (Villa Emilia)!!! So exciting!

And I am looking at this hotel for Rome (Orange Hotel). Not so sure yet
Another rec for a villa. We stayed in Greve (Chianti region) last year the week before Christmas and it was wonderful. The villa was very clean, a good size and had everything (3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, living room and large terrace for 3 couples) we could need. It was really nice to be able to shop at the markets and be able to cook in instead of having to go out and eat all the time.
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you ladies are making the villa so tempting. But they decided against the villa/apartment since some of us are staying 3 days and some of us are staying 4-5 days. the hotel room (well actually 2) makes the most sense.
We settled somewhere in the middle between a villa and a hotel and went with a bed and breakfast.

I am so excited!! Thanks for your help!!!
try renting a tourist apt. great deals if u have like 3+ people!

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