Does anyone take organic apple cider vinegar for their health?

I've taken it pretty consistently for the past six or eight months, but recently I took a break from it.

It seems like at first it did seem to keep my stomach feeling nice and flat. It was almost like it kept it balanced where I would hardly ever feel bloated. But then that kind of stopped working.

Also, I noticed that some melasma blotches that I have above my eyebrows got about 25% lighter while drinking it, but then the lightening kind of stalled.

I don't mind the taste of it, and I probably could drink it everyday, but I wanted to take a break from it just because -- well, just because. Maybe I'll start up again one of these days in the future.
I do sometimes. If I get a headache I pour a little into cold water. My mother has hbp and the acv is good for keeping it down.
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I tried acv for a month, once or twice a day. I stopped because I couldn't come up with a reason to continue torturing myself with the taste of it. I have used it on my face as a toner with good results. I just didn't see any of the effects that others said they were seeing. ? I might try it again someday.
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I picked up some capsules today. Will see if they do anything amazing.
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I know this may sound gross, but I've been using ACV instead of deodorant this weekend and it totally worked. What I did was apply some ACV on a cotton ball on my clean armpit, leave it on for like 3 mins until it dries, then jump in the shower and only rinse my armpit with water (soap will negate the purpose of using ACV). Then after showering, put more on my armpit and let it dry.

I'm telling you, I was odor free for over 24 hours. It really works! I'm sold! Using ACV is also safe and doesn't pose a threat like to your health like deodorant does. I may never wear deodorant again! The real test though will be seeing if this method works in the summer.

For those of you with issues of deodorant not working, please try this.
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I'll go through periods a couple of times a year when I drink ACV (straight from a shotglass!) and swear by it, and then forget about it and then start up again. Now that you've made this post, I'm sure I'll be picking some up tomorrow

Definitely noticed a difference in my stomach, all-around weight, and complexion when I drank it frequently.

The taste never bothered me much...just chug it down then brush my teeth right after.

Love this site...lots of people swear by it!!!
so timely!! i'm on it (day 2) for acne. i've been drinking it and using a slightly diluted version for my skin. there's a bunch of folks at that swear by it (topical and drinking). i know it's strong but i don't really thing it would mess up your body to drink it daily. i have had 2-3 tbsp in a little shot glass. it doesn't bother me.
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