Who do you think knows you best?

It's kind of strange, considering how many people have known me for lot longer, but my friend Robert is probably the one. He was my boss at my first job as a cook, and he said I reminded him very much of himself. And I guess it's true, because he totally gets my emotional craziness and he's usually the only one I turn to with it.
My husband.
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No one, but myself. I come across as an open book, but no one really knows me. Does that make sense? Sometimes I wonder if "I" even know who I am.
Originally Posted by Lotsawaves
Yep, Lotsa, it makes total sense to me and I am the same way. Coming across as an open book I think is my way of making others feel comfortable around me and not seeming standoffish.

I would say that I probably know myself best, although sometimes I don’t understand why I feel or react in a certain way, followed by my husband. Unfortunately although I love my parents dearly, I have never had a deep, meaningful relationship with either one of them. My siblings barely know me either. With my siblings since I am the oldest, I guess I am that way because I have always felt that I have to be the “mature” one that knows what she is doing. Others in my family see me the same way and have these high expectations of me, so I have a hard time revealing my innermost feelings and the fact that I really don’t have it all together like that think. My husband told me the other day that sometimes he feels that I do not let him into my inner world. He is my best friend and I reveal much, much more to him than I ever have with anyone, but I still fear revealing too much. My inner world can be pretty dark sometimes…
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mr. rainshower.

he knows when i'm tired, anxious, worried, pms'ing, angry, and erum ... amorous, without confirmation on my part.

my husband knew that i was pregnant both times (not because of an obvious missed period), before i ever had a notion to bring it up. and he was on point with all of his suspicions. uncanny.

he reads my facial expressions and gestures very well. when we are socializing with others, he can tell when i'm ready to go without me having to signal or say anything.

we often will have the same thought and begin to express it simultaneously in reaction to something.
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My husband, followed by my youngest sister. I get along well with my parents, but they really have no idea what makes me tick.
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My best friend. First person I felt ok to sorta get to know me. I could speak my mind to her and know that she still loves me. (no matter how mad we might get sometimes)

Second would be my co-worker. I think we are really alike, except for her religious beliefs. I doubt she knows that... I like it that way.

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