Who do you think knows you best?

Besides yourself, who do you think knows you best in your life? What kind of person? There are tons of people in our lives, people we encounter everyday. It could be anyone at all.

For me, I think my parents know me best. Not my husband, or my friends, or my co-workers. My parents. Mostly because they seem to be able to predict my actions and always know what I want in life.

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No one, but myself. I come across as an open book, but no one really knows me. Does that make sense? Sometimes I wonder if "I" even know who I am.
From Michael Berg:

Every person has a unique connection to the Creator that can never be extinguished, and every person has a great soul that can manifest important things in our world. To make a person feel less than they are because of something inside themselves, be it faith, race, or sexual orientation, is the greatest sin of all."
haha it depends...

the one who knows the most obscure facts about me is my boyfriend.

The one with the most accurate mind-reading superpower is my supervisor.

The one who knows how to get under my skin and REALLY piss me off? my mom
My husband and my closest female friend.
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Me. Hands down. After that my sister.
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My husband and my closest female friend.
Originally Posted by cynaminbear
this is completely and utterly beside the point but your siggy really made me laugh.
ok, carry on.
i know this is going to sound stupid, but my dogs know me best. they can read me like a book. i guess it's kind of easy for them since dogs are experts on body language and non-verbal communication, plus they're so intuitive.

but i guess technically you were asking about people. so for that i would say my boyfriend and my best girlfriend, and after that, my parents, and to a slightly lesser extent, my brother.

it kind of depends. sometimes my boyfriend is thinking about something else and can't really read my emotions, sometimes my brother knows exactly what i'm thinking. you know.
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Probably my mom.
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I dunno...maybe my best friend? We're close, but there's a lot she doesn't know about me. If we had to choose, I'd go with her. I mean...she knows my hair obsession and the fact that my toes are in perfect arch and that I've never tried pumpkin pie and I complain to her about my parents...but there's a lot I don't tell.

I mean, she couldn't predict what I'm gonna do next or how I'm feeling, but she knows stuff about me.
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My husband. I have close friends, but they don't know me as well as he does, and even he doesn't know everything. My parents don't know me hardly at all.
My boyfriend. Not only does he understand me well, he also knows a lot more than he wants to know about me because I have a serious case of the TMIs.
my sister - but we lived together as adults for almost 10 years.
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My husband and sisters. My parents get me pretty well, too, but not quite as well as the other three.
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My husband, easily. We really get each other. After him, my sisters.
My husband. He knows me even better then I know myself.
My best friend. Allthough she mixes things up if she has been drinking
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My husband hands down.... he has enough to blackmail me, but enough love and fear to know better.

After that would be my late father, he could tell what I was thinking and how I would react before I did!

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My husband. It's really kind of scary how well he knows me, but I have also never felt a need to be anything but an open book with him. I like that comfort level.
My sister and my exboyfriend/best friend.
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My husband, with my closest female friend in a close second. Trailing behind them is probably my mom and my sister, and then some of my closest friends from high school.
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