What would you wear?

On a first date which will be dinner then a hockey game?
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Jeans, sweater, high heeled boots and a cute scarf at the neck.
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Dark jeans, a nice top and jacket, and warm, comfortable but stylish boots.

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Indeed, I wouldn't wear high heels, since hockey stadiums don't always have the most level of walking surfaces.

Besides that, though, definitely jeans and a WARM but of course cute top. And a jacket that you'll be cute/comfortable in throughout the game, if you end up needed to wear it the whole time.
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I would wear dark skinny jeans tucked into flat slouchy boots, with a warm/cozy but not baggy sweater. If skinny jeans aren't for you, you could do whatever else your favorite fit is, but then I'd recommend a heeled boot (not too high, like Michelle said).
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A Sharks jersey!!!
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