Making cookies less 'dry'

My SO and I have started to make cookies on the weekends. He is big into fitness and nutrition and he was craving peanut butter cookies. Online he found a 3 part recipe with them, 1 cup peanut butter (we used all natural crunchy pb), 1 cup sugar (we used splenda) and 1 egg. The cookies are pretty good! But we doubled the recipe last night and added an egg to try to make them a bit more moist but it didnt really help. What can we add to make these cookies less crumbly and more moist?

~Cant use flour (Im Celiac)
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Add applesauce or honey? ...

Maybe the Splenda is the problem, but that is purely a guess. Just went to the Splenda site, and it says you might need to reduce the baking time for cookies.
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What ala said.

Shortening? Or not healthy enough? Molasses?

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I use the same recipe (but I use real sugar) and don't find them to be too dry. Maybe you're baking them too long?
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Try lowering the oven temperature by 25 degrees.
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My recipe sounds similar to that one. But I use creamy pb and always use real sugar.

Mine always come out very moist and chewy.

Not sure if it's the ingredients or maybe you're baking them too long?
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Originally Posted by Poodlehead
Ill try lowering the temp on the oven and go from there if that doesnt work. Thanks!

(Im so new at this whole cooking and baking thing)
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Ill try lowering the temp on the oven and go from there if that doesnt work. Thanks!
Originally Posted by Starrwithoutnite
or shorten the cooking time.
add dream whip to the ingredients! they make everything moist like you added a ton of butter.
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