Ok, not sure who all seen this aired episode, but it cracked me the hell up! OMG! Sorry, I know some people were really hurt by this wacked out dude - however I still found it rather entertaining.

Now I'm gonna be nice and use this as an opportunity for all you out there wanting to become a famous Supermodel that, uh, should you see one of his ads on MySpace or where ever that he is full of baloney.


3b B ii/iii
Poo/Condish: Wash w/Poo 1x p/w. Co-Wash 4-5x p/w. Whatever is on sale at the Salons!
Leave-in: JF/FE Curl Around, brush out/style.
Curly CURRENTLY: L'Oreal SL Curl Spray/CW Curl Creme/FX Curl Boost Gel/Water Cocktail.
Straight: FE Wind Down, InStyler FE Secret Weapon. Super soft lovely!