sorry, major whining..


I'm so sorry to whine, but I need to do so...

Today's my 40th birthday. I'm very grateful for my wonderful husband and son, and my mom and sisters, and mother in law and sister in law.

But, every year I ALWAYS remember all my friends' birthdays, even people who I worked with eight years ago. This year only one friend remembered my birthday. (and it's someone I haven't even known that long)

I'm not asking for much-I don't want gifts, I don't even want a card-just an email or quick phone message would be totally fine. I know people are busy with their own lives, but when you've been friends with people for fifteen to twenty plus years, and you remember their birthday every year, it would be nice to be remembered. I know I should just accept it and move on. I know it's not intentional. I know not everyone remembers these things, but it still hurts.

I apologize for whining and sounding so self centered. Thanks for listening.

I don't think you're unjustifiably whining. If you remember other people's birthdays, I would think they would ask about yours and make a note of it.

Please don't let it ruin your day. And Happy Birthday!
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Most middle-aged folks I know don't care about birthdays anymore. I know I don't. I barely remember my own, let alone anyone else's. It's just not something I think about. So, if you are one of my real-life friends that I have snubbed...I'm sorry. I can't help it.

Oh, and Happy Birthday.

Outside of my family I can count on 5 people to remember my birthday EVERY year... So, I don't go out of my way to tell the others happy birthday, because they wouldn't do the same. Not like I refuse to tell them, but I won't go out of my way.

It used to bother me, but I realize that to some people remembering birthdays may not be as important. OR they just don't care enough.

COMPLETELY justifiable to whine!

Hope you had a great day
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First of all, happiest of Happy Birthdays!

40 is a milestone birthday, no argument there. But many folks get bummed out about turning 40. Could be that your friends never intended to snub you - it could be that they're worried that you're NOT happy about turning 40, even if you are. I had no issues about turning 40, I was fine with it. But I'll tell you, I had people tip toeing around me like they were walking on eggshells when they'd come to wish me Happy Birthday - they didn't know if I'd yell at them or what. I think most folks assume it's not going to be something you're happy about, and they could be assuming wrong.

That being said, they should ALWAYS wish you a happy birthday, even if they think it's one you might not be thrilled about.
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Most middle-aged folks I know don't care about birthdays anymore. I know I don't. I barely remember my own, let alone anyone else's. It's just not something I think about. So, if you are one of my real-life friends that I have snubbed...I'm sorry. I can't help it.

Oh, and Happy Birthday.
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves
Me, too.
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Happy Birthday! I'm sorry your friends forgot.
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Happy birthday!

I am really bad at remembering birthdays. I know my parents, my brother. I have to think a second for my hubby's and even with my own child. Well only a split second I always remember is due date first.

thanks goodness for facebook. that's how I remember my friends


Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and your responses. I really appreciate it. I did have a really nice day!

Please take care,
My friends and I are all about our birthdays!! I would be devastated if they forgot mine.

Happy 40th!!!
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My friends and I are all about our birthdays!! I would be devastated if they forgot mine.

Happy 40th!!!
Originally Posted by xcptnl
Definitely! And the 40th is a big one. I think all b-days are special.
Happy birfday!
Sorry I missed it yesterday - Happy Belated Birthday!!
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btw..check out the 40 forum

Now go take ur husband to task and tell him he hurt your feelings by forgettiing and to plan something for you for this weekend. Of cours if its already in the works and folks are planning to surprise you ya gonna feel silly, lol.

But dont hold on to anger and sadness about it. Either say something or let it go.

In fact I have a great idea. Take yourself out to a spa, or a movie, get your hair done do something for you to renew your spirit. Go alllllll day. Just say im going out. When you come back and they ask where youve been, say ive been celebrating my birthday, sorry you werent around to share it with me (say this with a SMILE) and go about your business.

Happy Birthday! Hopefully, your friends will start to remember before the day is over.
Happy Birthday. The 40s rock!
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I'm sorry that very few people remembered your birthday. Try not to internalize it too much or view it as an indication of how much someone cares about you. You are thoughtful enough to remember people on their birthdays (I'm the same way) but some people are not. They can't even remember their own SS#s.

That said, 40 is a milestone birthday and I would have been hurt also.

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself anyway. Happy 40th!!!
Aw, this was a big one, I would have been hurt too. Do something nice just for YOU!

And this, my curly friends, is why you start talking up your birthday online and in real life and every place else about two weeks prior. I'm completely shameless about it.

Rock on with your bad self.


Be excellent to each other. ~ Abraham Lincoln

Sherry, I'd be sad too. I'm turning 40 this year, and I still enjoy my birthdays.

I agree with you, an acknowledgement would have been nice.

Happy Birthday
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