DH changed home phone to office phone w/o asking me

DH started his new job a few weeks ago and is now working from home. He has a cell phone for work, but gave out our home telephone number to colleagues also. Well, today I called the house, and our voice mail has been changed to DH's work voice mail.

When I asked DH about it, he said that we don't get many calls at home and we can write off the home number this way instead of getting a second line (which his company would pay for).

I've had this home telephone number for 8 years, so this rubs me the wrong way. First, no one calls my cell phone. Second, he didn't ask me and just did it. Third, it's in my name. I don't want my name popping up when he's calling people.

I'm not sure what bugs me about this, so I need some curly input as to whether I'm overreating. What do you think?
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I don't think you are overreacting. I'd be just as mad just based on the fact he did it without talking to me beforehand.
Could you get a phone that allows messages for different people to go to different boxes?

I know it doesn't address the issue of him not asking but it may be a solution to what's already been done...

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I'd be mad. I'd know I have to get over it, but I'd still be mad.
This is just not something that would upset me.

Unless he was going to insist you not use that phone or get pissy when your Great Aunt Ida leaves a 15 minute message about nothing, what difference does it make?
As another poster said can you get a voicemail with two inboxes - one for work and one for your home?

Are you home during the day? If so I can understand frustration with him tying up the phone line all day. Does your phone company offer a second line for a few bucks more, or one of those second numbers (not a line) where the first number is one ring and the second number is a double ring?
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Originally Posted by Poodlehead
What would bother me most is the fact that it was done without any prior discussion. Also, the fact that his company will pay for a second line, and yet he choose to switch your home, would upset me. I guess the whole thing would bother me!

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How was he able to change it if it's in your name? He should have discussed it with you first.

You could get the system where you have two different numbers and a different ring for each number. Ours is set up that way. So when he answers the phone for the business he can use his business answer and if it's the "home number" you can just say Hello.

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That would bug me too. I don't like my personal life intermingled with my work life. I work from home and I let the company pay for DSL even though I have wireless and DSL personally and probably could have hooked my work computer up to that and they installed and pay for my work phone and fax. I think you need separation from work and even more so when you work from home.
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I'd be angry because it was done without discussion. It would feel like my opinion or desire or whatever doesn't matter.
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Yep, it would bother me, especially since your name might pop up on other people's caller ID. I like privacy and I would feel like that is a violation of privacy.
I also agree work and home needs to be separate. How is he going to feel when you talk to Aunt Matilda for an hour? Is he going to feel like it's tying up the line? He shouldn't, because the way I see it, his work business is tying up your line.
He truly needs a figurative thump on the head for this one. Pretty thoughtless to me.
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He certainly should have talked to you about it before he did it. Whether or not the separate line itself is a big deal... meh. But not telling you he was going to make the change would be a no go for me.
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I'd be angry because it was done without discussion. It would feel like my opinion or desire or whatever doesn't matter.
Originally Posted by cynaminbear
I would be irritated too. Since my family and circle of friends is pretty small, I could easily have them call me on my cell phone instead. So that wouldn't bother me, it would be going about it without at least letting me know or some sort of discussion.

I think you should have your number changed to unlisted so that it shows up as Unknown or Private on people's caller id. If that's not an option, it needs to pop up either as the business name or your husband's. I just don't understand why he wouldn't take up the company's offer of providing him with his own number.
I'd be annoyed. Does he do stuff w/o consulting you a lot?

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I wouldn't care. In fact, I wish my husband would consolidate our phone lines. He has 2 business lines in our home, in addition to our home line, and doesn't use any of them. He exclusively uses his cell phone. What a waste of money to have those extra lines. One line for all would be plenty.

He can record any old message he wants on the home voicemail line and I'm sure I would still get bugged by the same people.
This wouldn't bother me but I don't have a house phone. Our cell phones are the business lines.

Change the account into his name if it's that big of a deal.
He should have discussed it with you first. Speaking from experience from a parent that had his own business, clients would call our HOME number, even after my father passed and my brother took over the business! It was so annoying. They would call at the buttcrack of dawn sometimes and it got to be a bit much. Personal life and business shouldn't mix.
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