Has anybody heard from Pam?

Has anybody heard from Pam lately? I don't remember her screen name, but several of us were friends with her on myspace. She was blonde, had two grown kids (Mandy who did her hair and a son), and two golden retrievers named Liberty and Freedom.

I really miss her being on here. She was so sweet and I would like to contact her. Does anybody know how to contact her?
She was so great! We were myspace friends, too, and I noticed when her profile disappeared.
Check your messages.
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That's so weird, I was just thinking about her the other day. She was so nice and really helped me through some things. I've been wondering where she went.
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That's so funny, she had just posted in a hair thread recently and I was shocked cause I hadn't heard from her in a while.

Her name is juvjoy.
I thought Juvjoy's name was Kimberly.
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Unless I'm thinking of a different Pam, don't you mean Curlie3? She had a bunch of medical problems that made it difficult for her to post.
I thought Juvjoy's name was Kimberly.
Originally Posted by MizKerri

Oh you're right. I totally missed the Pam part. I guess I just assumed the person because she was recently in my head.

Just wanted to let you guys know that I heard from her and she is doing well. She was just busy and had to leave for a while. Yoly...she said to say "hello."

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