Did your family approve of your SO?

I should add to my comment that my family (mom & stepdad) were always very nice to him and welcomed him into the family. They were disappointed that I changed my life to fit into his but were OK because it was I wanted. I realized (after 1 child and 18 years) that my whole life with him was doing things his way and changing my life to make his easier. No compromising on his part. Ever. Funny-he was also a job hopper but I had to maintain mine because we needed health insurance - I never had the luxury of just walking out when I got pissed off.
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My family adored my DH from the start, still do.

My father in law hated me before we ever met. My great uncle and my father in law went to high school together( in the early 60's) and apparently fought over a girl, so my FIL hated me because of who I was related to! He apologized to me once, but then he sobered up and was back to hating me.

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my parents didn't like him at first, but now they love him a lot. they know about the problems that we've had, and would support me in any decision i made about the relationship, but they really like him overall.

his parents really liked me at first. his stepdad still does, but when we moved in together, his mom started looking for reasons not to like me.
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I'm seeing this guy I really like, and he is so nice to me, he's great, mature, etc. My mother (yep her again) doesn't approve of how we met (at a club) but yet she met my dad the same way, she isn't excited that he didn't go to college, I couldn't care less. She doesn't really like his job, and he has a 2 year old son which she's not that jazzed about. I haven't even told her he has tattoos!!! I just don't know when she became such a snob, she doesn't have a college degree, neither does my dad. It just bugs me when she asks sarcastic questions about him, or tells me I should marry a doctor, because she doesn't know him. All my friends that have met him overwhelmingly approve. I just think if she met him and saw how he treated me she would change her mind, but for some reason she thinks he's beneath me. I don't think that, at all. It makes me mad she won't reserve judgment until she meets him.
Originally Posted by Amandacurls
Your mother — based on this and other postings — sounds to me like the kind of person who's never happy with anything.

If I'm right: that's too bad. But it also has nothing to do with you or your choices. It's your job to realize this and live your life with that in mind — that is, ignore her, pretty much.

Just my 2. If I'm completely off-base, then feel free to ignore me.
My folks never liked anyone I dated until this current one. I figure they must really like J because they actually remember his name when they ask about him.
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As to my own experience, my family loved my husband and when we separated/divorced, that made it extra hard, because they just couldn't understand it.

Eventually they came around, but it took a while. Definitely tested my relationships with them, especially my one sister and my mom.

See, you can't win, either way. If I had listened to them, I would have stayed with him and that would have been a huge mistake.

You need to do what's right for you. Always.
They love my husband...probably more than they love me. In fact, my mother has said that if we ever split up, she's keeping him and divorcing me.
My family loves him. I think there were a few reservations in the beginning, but it was more of a "looking out for our little girl" kind of thing. In the past I dated some sketchy guys, lol.

There were a few times when it seemed like my Mom forgot that he isn't actually her son... but in a weird way. She gave him cologne one Xmas, and said something like "that smells great, you'll have to fight off the women!" When we were driving home, my husband was like, "Uhh, it was really weird when your Mom said that. Did she forget that I'm married to her daughter, or something?"
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My mother really loves my husband. They get along great.

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