Spinoff: Does your SO's family approve of you?

If not, why not?

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Nope, as I wrote in the other thread, My father in law and great uncle went to high school together and fought over a girl. Who, by the way neither of them ever dated!
So, I guess I never had a chance, as soon as my FIL found out my last name he hated me. It has been 15 years and he honestly has never taken the time to get to know me. My Mother in law and I got along to a point, she is very submissive to my FIL, he is the head of the house and what he says goes. My brother in law, is a younger version of my FIL.

My husband hasn't had a relationship with his family for the last 4 years (his choice not mine) I do hope that he doesn't regret his choice someday, and tell him so frequently. His family of course, think it is all my fault that he doesn't speak to them, he has tried numerous times in the past to explain that it is not just because of me, but I suppose it is easier for them to put all the blame on me than to realize that they have done some truly horrible things to my husband.

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They adore me...now. It took a while for them to warm up to me though. My husband's first wife was very "bubbly", and the family really liked her. I've been accused of many things in my life, but "bubbly" was never one of them. They just had to adjust to my more-calm and serene style.
Hahaha, no.

My boyfriend's mom hates my guts for several reasons. She called him up and demanded that my voice be taken off our home answering machine. Yeah...she hates me. She even tried to guilt my boyfriend into not flying out with me to see my family for Christmas. She called him while he was at the airport in tears begging him not to go even though she knew months before that he was going to my parents' for christmas. She even tried setting him up with another girl while we were dating! She introduced me to all her friends as my boyfriend's "friend" and not his girlfriend! Wtf, right?

She thinks that I'm too young for her son. I am 20 he is 30. She's also a racist--I'm black and he's white. AND she's a millionaire and my family is middle class, at best. Most of all though, she hates me because she thinks no one can ever be good enough for her darling oldest son.

She'll have to come around eventually, though. Too bad for her I'm not going anywhere. My boyfriend and I will probably get married sometime in the next 2yrs (we've been a couple for almost 2yrs)

Hurray for future in-laws!
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Yes, from what they have heard about me and I guess how he's been acting they are happy. We were out the other night and inadvertently ran into his mom and she liked me. I honestly don't think a guy's family has ever NOT liked me.
Yes and no.

MIL and SIL hated me at first. They both used him a lot. They were reckless, irresponsible drama queens who expected him to bail them out all the time. Around the time we started dating, he decided enough was enough and stopped helping them. So they blamed me and tried their best to split us up which ended up having the opposite effect. But after a while, they accepted that I wasn't going anywhere, and all they were accomplishing was pushing him away. They eventually got their act together. Now we all get along great.

Now my FIL. . . I suspect he doesn't really like me. He's very sexist, and I am the exact opposite of what he thinks a good wife is. He thinks women should be in do 100% of all the housework, child raising, have a job if necessary, and wait on husbands hand and foot. Dinner on the table the moment hubby comes home, house and children spotless at all times, etc. He's never said he doesn't like me. But he never really talks to me, and I get really dirty looks when I mention having DH do something that's "woman's work."
Yes. I actually knew my (now) in-laws long before I ever met DH because we attended the same church. So when DH took me over to his parents' house to surprise them with the news that we were dating and talking about marriage, they jumped up and cheered and hugged me a gazillion times. I couldn't have asked for a better reception into the family.
Yes and no. I know they would have liked for him to marry a black woman (he's black, i'm white), but they do like me.
My ILs like me more than hubby. j/k

But they do love me. They were concerned (as most parents are) that we were engaged quickly. But when they realized we had been friends in HS and they had dinner with me a few times (alone, fiance was overseas), they realized I was good for their son. When they asked about why I loved DH, MIL actually asked me if I was *sure* I wanted to marry her son because he was far from perfect!

After 17 yrs of marriage, we are very close and I think they think more of me than their own daughter (whom they rarely see as she lives in NY).

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Yes. They view me as pretty much the best thing that ever happened to their son, though I think they give me way, way too much credit. Though I have to say, being the daughter in law that they like has some serious fringe benefits.

That's a bit of an exaggeration, they like my brother in law's wife as well... they just like me a lot better.

MIL did take some time to warm up to me, but we met when my husband and I had only been dating for a few weeks and she sort of walked in on us in a less than respectable moment. All clothes were still on, thankfully, but we sure weren't just watching TV.

(Several months later, after his whole family had met me and absolutely loved me, my husband's father walked in on us in an even LESS respectable moment... but that was his fault: he walked in our room at the beach house in the middle of the afternoon without knocking!! IIRC, we pretended to be asleep.)
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Of course!
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lol @ MBFT
Yes. If my husband and I disagree over something, he can't win with them, lol. But they live in Spain- we don't see them very often, so who knows what they would think if we spent more time together?
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Yes and no. I know they would have liked for him to marry a black woman (he's black, i'm white), but they do like me.
Originally Posted by FieryCurls
This is my situation, except my husband and his family are Hispanic. They were very distrustful of me when we first started dating, and my MIL and SIL were downright cold. They finally got used to me and realized I wasn't going anywhere, but I know they wished he would've married a Hispanic woman.

My FIL always liked me, though, from day 1. The dads always like me.

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Yup! Well, his folks are both gone, but he has a large group of siblings. I haven't met two of his three sisters, but I met one sister and her whole family, plus his two brothers. Everyone gave their stamp of approval! I still have to meet a few cousins, and a couple more nieces and nephews.
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my mil and fil considered me their daughter even before my husband and i got married. i'm just cute like that.
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My husband's family loves me more than my own does. His parents were accepting of me from day one and his mom talked about us marrying even when we were just friends.

My aunt tried to talk hub out of marrying me because she thought I wasn't good enough for him. He told her to mind her own business.
Yes they love me especially his 3 yr old twin sisters lol
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