Are any of you gluten/wheat/soy free by choice?

I would like to try eliminating wheat from my diet to start with to see if it has any effect on my acne. If you have chosen to eliminate these ingredients from your diet, why? And what do you eat instead? I'm especially stumped for breakfast.
Im not wheat free by choice, but because I have to be. Breakfast is actually the easiest meal. They have gluton free everything, Ive had pancakes and waffles. Mostly I just do eggs and fruit...all it takes is reading the labels. There are so many alternatives now that I never feel deprived at all.
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I'm not soy free, but I stay away from soy quite a bit.

As for wheat, Trader Joes and Whole Foods are good for gluten free products. Maybe you can have more of a protein-based breakfast. Or try corn and rice type cereals. Does oatmeal contain gluten? idk... What about Boca and Morningstar products?

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