For the men on here...

i like the women i date to have the same fashion sense as i. simple, bold and a little bit elegantly sexy. nothing colorful or over-patterned(is that a word?) personally i find a woman more sexy in teasing/reavealing clothes than fully naked.
I'm not a man, but...

My husband prefers me in great-fitting jeans (that make my butt look good) and a casual fitted tee-shirt that shows off my figure. I think he could care less about heels, but I think heels in general make everyone look taller (obviously) and thinner with better posture. He's never really into trendy stuff. He doesn't like pointy-toed shoes, skinny jeans, or a belted top. I wear these things anyway because I like them.
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I don't find it helpful to ask men how they think a woman should dress, because most men really don't know how to dress themselves. I don't really care to generalize, but the evidence is rather overwhelming in this case.

The thing is, you should dress in clothes that you feel great in — forget about what the men think. Great clothes that you love to wear make you more comfortable, outgoing, flirty, etc., which is way more attractive to men than any particular outfit would be.

ETA: The complaints on this this thread from men I doubt would matter if the guy really liked the girl — he'd get over an empire waist or what-have-you. And if the guy doesn't really genuinely like the girl, who needs him?

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