would you consider yourself 'normal'?

definitely NOT!
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I'm normal-ish. I have things about me that are unusual but overall, I think I conform to society's norms.
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Yes. But I have a wide spectrum I consider normal. Very wide.
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What is 'normal' is really a matter of conformity. If you conform to your community, religious, national/country, culture, heritage, etc, etc; standards, morals, and values, then you are 'normal.'

If not, then you are not 'normal.'
I'm a very "normal" human being, but I know I have certain personality traits that aren't in the sense that they're not shared by the majority though still shared by a number of people.
Originally Posted by Sairis
What she said.
Yea, I'm normal. And if that makes me boring, I'll admit to that as well.
Originally Posted by Sigi

Same here.
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Yes and no.
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Heck no.

And I like it like that.
Originally Posted by SarahCurlyGirl
haha, same here!
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